Today, many students in Singapore spend their time after school or during weekends going for tuition classes. Given the popularity of tuition across all schools and levels, you may be wondering whether it is time to sign your child up as well.

Read on to learn the signs to look out for before sending your child for math tuition.

Falling Behind in School

Although students may try their best, some still find it challenging to understand and apply key concepts, especially if they’re struggling to cope with the transition to the upper secondary curriculum. As a result, their grades may slip, causing them to lose confidence and motivation.

Sending your child to math tuition can help. As tuition classes are smaller in size compared to school classes, tutors are better able to provide their students with personalised guidance. An experienced tutor, therefore, empowers your child to identify their weaknesses and develop a tailored study plan to address the gaps in their knowledge.

Moreover, tuition classes allow students to clarify their doubts, which they may not voice in school due to shyness or time constraints.

Unable to Score Well

What does it mean if your child passes their exams but cannot seem to score well?

If they cannot improve their grades, they probably have a broad understanding of the topics and concepts but cannot apply what they have learned to more complex questions.

In such cases, it is beneficial to work with math tutors who help students break down each problem into digestible parts and simplify questions that appear intimidating at first glance. Tuition also benefits students by encouraging regular practice; by providing them with numerous assignments and mock papers, math tuition exposes students to all question types. As such, students can familiarise themselves with different kinds of problems, regardless of their difficulty.

Lack of Confidence

When students have difficulty catching up and cannot score well, they typically begin to lose confidence in the subject. This lack of confidence is detrimental—it hurts their self-esteem and well-being while causing them to lose their motivation to study hard. Ultimately, this will further affect their school performance.

The personalised nature of tuition classes allows tutors to work with students closely; tutors can help them better understand why they failed and how they can do better in the future. Math tuition also helps teach students how to deal with failure effectively, thus raising their confidence. 

Lack of Discipline

Students are constantly exposed to numerous distractions. For example, most students can access the television, their smartphone, or their bed at home. Therefore, they may lose focus.

Students are constantly close to an authority figure or teacher in tuition classes. Therefore, they are more likely to develop discipline and a stronger attention span.

Learn Better in Smaller Groups 

Due to large class sizes, it is challenging for school teachers to give all students the attention they need.

This problem is minimised in tuition classes. Tutors can better provide personalised feedback to students and moderate the pace of teaching to accommodate all students.

Tuition is an excellent option if your child struggles with asking questions or clarifying their doubts in school classes. 


Math tuition has numerous benefits: it improves students’ learning experience and boosts their confidence, thus helping them achieve their academic goals in the long run. If your child exhibits any of the signs mentioned above, sending them for math tuition may be helpful.

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