Math is an oft-hated subject among students. Unfortunately, this dislike often translates to a lack of motivation to study, which leads to an inability to keep up with the syllabus. This problem only intensifies as the years pass and the topics become increasingly complex. Ultimately, this may affect a student’s academic performance. Hence, parents should encourage a love for math at an early age.

Why Do Children Hate Math?

1. Maths Is Boring

Subjects like English and science are typically considered fun as they provide students with opportunities to be creative. In contrast, math is more technical; students pore over worksheets filled with numbers and formulas instead of studying visual materials. As such, students may find the subject dull and uninspiring.

2. Not Understanding the Basics

Math is a cumulative subject, with concepts building upon each other. For example, students must understand addition before moving on to multiplication. Therefore, students often fall behind if they do not have a firm grasp of foundational topics. This results in poorer performances and a growing resentment towards the subject as a whole.

3. Lots of Formulas to Memorise

Rote learning has its place in math; to solve a problem effectively and efficiently, students must memorise numerous rules, equations, and formulas. However, memorisation is a challenge for many young students. Therefore, students may struggle to score during tests and exams—and bad results often contribute to a hatred for the subject.

Ways to Encourage Your Child

Fortunately, there are ways to encourage your child to start developing an appreciation for math.

1. Offer Your Support

Always remember to offer your child support. Instead of sending them away when they come to you for help, take the time to deconstruct the question and explain step-by-step how you derive the solution.

If you are unsure of the answer, you can still try to solve the problem with them. By acting as a sounding board, you can help your child figure out the intricacies of the question while helping them feel less alone in their confusion.

2. Praise Them For Their Efforts

Sometimes, all students need is a little encouragement to boost their motivation.

Don’t just praise your child when they score well in their exams—remember to acknowledge their efforts and improvements as well! Consistent encouragement makes studying math a more rewarding experience.

3. Enrol Them Into Math Tuition

If you notice your child falling behind, consider enrolling them into a math tuition centre in Singapore. By reaching out for additional support and guidance, you can identify and work on your child’s weaknesses while building on their strengths.

Over time, math tuition can build up your child’s confidence in the subject and enhance their learning experience, thus changing their perspective on the subject.


Does your child hate math? Hopefully, this article has deepened your understanding of the possible reasons behind their dislike and what you can do to make math more enjoyable.

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