The O-Levels are a critical milestone in your academic life and are, therefore, a daunting prospect. How can you ensure that all your knowledge translates into a good result? What can you do to improve your performance as quickly as possible?

If you’re preparing for your O-Level math paper, here are some effective ways to maximise your revision and performance.

1. Plan Out Your Study Schedule

When it comes to studying smart, strategy is everything.

Instead of splitting your time equally between various topics and concepts, consider prioritising areas you are weaker in. Doing so allows you to work on your blind spots so you are less likely to make mistakes in the future. You may also want to spend sufficient time going through previous mistakes.

Ultimately, your study schedule should help you pace yourself so your revision time is optimised. This ensures that you fill in gaps in your knowledge while preventing burnout, which may occur if you cram for the exam.

2. Familiarise Yourself With Mathematical Formulas

The formula sheet given during your math exam can be a powerful tool if you know how to utilise it properly.

It is not enough to know the formulas; the formula sheet is descriptive but does not explain how each formula should be applied. Therefore, you should familiarise yourself with relevant equations and explanations. This allows you to decipher the formulas, ensuring you can effectively apply them in exams.

3. Keep Practising

Working on practice questions and past-year O-Level papers helps you better understand the types of questions tested during your exams.

Once you have completed all available practice papers, systematically review your mistakes and try solving the questions again. This practice ensures that you understand how and why you didn’t score the first time around so you can avoid making similar errors in the future.

4. Ask For Help When You Need It

Don’t be shy to ask questions! While asking for help might be intimidating at first, it is the most effective way to understand a concept or topic you’re unsure of, whether at school or a maths tuition centre in Singapore.

When consulting with your teachers and tutors, you can clear your doubts and work on concepts or areas you struggle with.

5. Get Enough Sleep Before the Exam

Sleep helps boost your brain function, improves concentration and focus, and reduces stress. Conversely, lack of sleep can impact your memory and logical thinking, leading to a loss of productivity and an increased susceptibility to careless mistakes. Hence, it is critical to get adequate sleep before your big paper.


With these five simple exam preparation methods, you can enrich your learning experience and ensure that your grades reflect the hard work you have put in. Once you’re ready to start your revision, all you need to do is create a conducive studying environment that will help you focus.

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