Many students struggle to understand essential concepts and techniques in a classroom setting. As teachers have numerous students to keep track of and a strict schedule, they cannot always provide individualised guidance to help students keep up.

As such, many parents consider enrolling their children in tuition. However, some hesitate to take the leap due to common misconceptions about the role and benefits of tuition in Singapore. Read on to learn what they are and why they don’t hold.

Tuition Is Only for Struggling Students 

Poor academic performance is one of the signs it’s time to send your child for tuition; with the extra guidance, struggling students can get back on track and keep up with the syllabus.

However, tuition is not just a last resort for students who are falling behind—it can also greatly benefit average and top performers, with tutors challenging students in areas where they are excelling, pushing them to do even better. Additionally, tuition can give students attending advanced-level classes a boost so they stay on top of their game.

Another benefit of tuition is that it hones students’ exam techniques as they are exposed to a wider variety of practice papers. This ensures that their knowledge translates into good grades.

Tuition Causes Students to Become Dependent on Parents and Tutors 

Many mistakenly believe that tuition causes students to become overly reliant on their tutors.

In truth, however, tuition does the opposite and encourages self-learning. Tutors do not spoon-feed students’ information; instead, they guide students through the topics and provide opportunities to put learned skills into practice.

Ultimately, students have to do the work themselves. As such, tuition can help students grow into independent learners.

Tuition Causes More Stress for Students

Between school and external commitments, many parents feel that tuition is just an additional source of stress. 

However, tutors can teach exam techniques and strategies that help students study smart and save time for other pursuits.

Moreover, it is essential to consider whether attending regular tuition classes or lagging in school is more stressful. For most students, the latter is more distressing; not only will they get easily overwhelmed in classes, but they will also have to deal with less-than-stellar scores. Therefore, tuition may help reduce stress in the long run.

Tuition Is a Waste of Time 

Aren’t tuition classes the same as school lessons? Why should students spend even more time studying?

While tuition may seem like an extension of school, it has an additional benefit: due to smaller class sizes, students can take lessons tailored to their own learning styles. Thus, tuition can enrich their learning experience, pushing them to reach their full potential. 

Tuition Is Only Needed When Exams Are Near 

Many parents have the misconception that tuition is only necessary when exam season is approaching.

This sentiment often leads to undesirable results as most subjects require consistency. It is difficult to excel with last-minute revision; students can better retain knowledge and understand complex concepts by starting early.


The value of tuition cannot be understated and should not be undermined by these popular myths and misconceptions. In truth, tuition is a precious resource that can boost students’ confidence and academic performance.

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