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JC Math / IP Math

“Very patient teacher and he teaches concepts really well, making it easier to grasp. He goes through solutions to homework very thoroughly and makes sure his students learn from his mistakes. He is also very friendly and checks up on our jc life as well. I was struggling with functions but his detailed explanation really helped me grasp the ideas better.”
Celine, Victoria Junior College, JC1, A for H2 Math.

“Miracle Math Tuition Centre has helped me understand math concepts much faster and easier. The teacher is very thorough in teaching concepts and always makes sure that the students understand everything he is saying. Although a-level math might be quite hard, the teacher makes math feel more manageable and enjoyable.”
Tegan, Raffles Institution, JC1, A for H2 Math.

“Teacher who is always familiar with Singapore math latest syllabus compared to other learning centres. Teachers are able to help any student excel.”
Wayne, Tampines Meridian Junior College, JC 1, A for H2 Math, Jurong Secondary School, A1 for Math (improved from C6 to A1), B3 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to B3).

“Before the tuition I was struggling with my IP syllabus. It was quite tedious. After joining the tuition I have been getting A. Before that I was failing. In just 5 months I have improved tremendously due to the support my math tutor. Since the class have less than 10 people thus my tutor can give the attention needed for each student. I can also ask doubts about school homework and other topic which is very helpful. Since I am in IP school this helps very much.”
Raghavi, Temasek Junior College, IP 4, A for Math (improved from D to A).

“I recently rejoined miracle maths at the end of IP3 after failing math end of year exams, and in such a short time, for my wa1 in IP4, I scored an A! The teacher has been very helpful in explaining questions and he is always patient and happy to explain further in depth after class 😄 he is also a caring teacher that asks about his students’ welfare and how we are coping in school. Thank you miracle maths!”
Sharlene, Cedar Girls Secondary, IP 4, A for Math (improved from D to A).

“The best maths tutor I’ve ever had! Teacher is incredibly kind, super encouraging, and is always ready to help!”
Pearl, A for A-Level H2 Math, A1 for O-Level Additional Math, A1 for O-Level Math.

“My Math Tutor while I was in secondary school and JC! I remembered always looking forward to the sessions 🙂 Very patient and encouraging tutor, exactly the style that I needed in order to do well and have fun at the same time!”
Pam, Victoria Junior College, A for A-Level H2 Math, CHIJ Katong Convent, A1 for O-Level A-Math, A1 for O-Level Math.

“My math tutor in secondary school and JC: Always patient and encouraging in explaining the concepts to me. Thanks for all your time and effort! 🙂 ”
Jamie, St Andrew’s Junior College, A for A-Level H2 Math, St. Margaret’s Secondary School, A1 for O-Level Additional Math, A1 for O-Level Math.

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