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Secondary Math

GCE O-Level E-Math Track Record: Greatest improvement from U grade / F9 to A1. Nothing is Impossible!

“Before I joined miracle math, I was getting Es and Fs. I thought that I was never going to pass math even after working really hard. I even joined multiple math tuition centres to help me improve my grades but my grades remained the same/improved by either 1 or 2 marks. However, once I joined miracle math, my grades have improved to As within half a year of joining miracle math. I was able to understand the topics better and my teacher was very approachable so I could ask her questions if I have any doubts. My teacher also makes the class very engaging by letting us play learning games online that helps us understand topics or questions better.”
Shameera, Bedok View Secondary, Sec 1, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“Before joining Miracle Math about 3 months ago, I was getting C and Ds for my common tests and Weighted assessments. I have joined many tuition centers in my life, in hope to improve my math. Miracle Math has been the best for me so far. The teacher explains the concepts and questions very well and clarified our doubts. She also goes an extra mile, teaching us other more convenient ways to solve the questions, leaving us with more things to discover and learn each lesson. After these few months, my math Weighted assesment 2 had a jump in 29 Marks and I Attained A1! Miracle math has made it easier for me to understand and not only that, has made me approach math with a more enthusiastic approach! thank you miracle math”
Karris, Dunman High School, Sec 1, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“I highly recommend miracle math tuition centre for their exceptional math tutoring. With their dedicated tutors, well-structured curriculum, and innovative teaching methods, my math results have significantly improved. The personalised attention and supportive learning environment make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to excel in math. The tutor goes the extra mile just to make sure we understand the topic.”
Gordon, Bedok View Secondary, Sec 1, A1 for Math.

“I have joined Miracle Math tuition for a year already and all I can say is that this tuition is a very good math tuition as the teacher teaches math professionally. The teacher has also made math fun and enjoyable. Thus, I was able to get As for overall throughout the whole year for all papers. I highly recommend you to join this tuition centre if you want to get A for O’level. 🙂”
Ming Jun, Maris Stella High School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from B3 to A1).

“Before joining Miracle math, I was always failing math as I could not grasp certain concepts. However, after joining my grades went up as the teacher is very patient in explaining and helped me understand the concepts better resulting in me enjoying lessons and the subject itself. Classes are always fun to attend and since it is in a smaller group it allows me to ask more questions without feeling pressured. I was able to attain an A for my O levels because of Miracle math!”
Lok Yee, Anglican High, Sec 4, A2 for Math (improved from F9 to A2), A2 for Additional Math.

“Before I joined miracle math I did horrendously bad for math, failing for almost every test, but after joining miracle math I got a A2 for my first exam Follower by A1 for my second exam, compared with other tuitions you may find the lesson hard at first but the teacher will guide you through it. I have joined miracle math since the start of the year and it had helped my math a lot overall miracle math is good and it’s really helpful for improvements.”
Bryan, Bedok Green Secondary, Sec 3, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“Before I joined Miracle Math, I was borderline passing even emath and scored straight F9s for amath throughout sec 3. However the teacher at Miracle Math was extremely patient and encouraging, helping me understand numerous concepts and strategies that helped me improve substantially even when I couldn’t get them immediately. Miracle Math ultimately helped me score straight As for emath and finally pass amath in Os.”
Xavier, St. Patrick’s School, Sec 4, A2 for Math (improved from C6 to A2), C6 for A-Math (improved from F9 to C6).

“Before joining miracle math i was getting Cs all the time and i hated math so much. surprisingly, after joining miracle math, i started to get the motivation to do well in math. the teacher is really supportive and gives us the energy and motivation to do our homework every week. she also calls everyone out to answer some questions, ensuring that every single one of us is not lost and paying attention. i now get no less than an A1 for every math exam and i had even gotten perfect scores, topping the class thrice this year ! the teacher is also really encouraging, she made me and my friends love math a lot. the subject isn’t like the one that i had dreaded and hated for years now, since miracle math has taught me well and made math so easy for me. its absolutely a miracle that my grades have been improving at such a fast rate. im so glad that i had signed up for math tuition here!”
Yeonjin, Bedok View Secondary School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from C5 to A1).

“After attending Miracle Math at the beginning of Sec 2, I improved from a grade of D7 in Sec 1 to scoring a grade of A1 in Sec 2. I gained confidence as I was able to understand the topics and concepts more clearly. I was also able to display accurate workings and steps in my work. When I encountered concepts that I don’t understand in school, I would be able to ask my Miracle Math teacher for help. My teacher is very patient, nice and always tries her best to help me to get the Math workings right and helps me learn in an efficient way. She also always encourages me, allowing me to have more confidence in my work.”
Xin Yu, Anglican High School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“I think joining this tuition centre was beneficial to me. I was able to regain my ability to pass math after consistently failing it before thanks to joining this tuition centre. The learning environment is conducive for allowing me to learn as much as i can during each lesson. I find the explanations from the teacher easy to understand which allows me to easily make sense out of the various topics. I was also able to make alot of new friends throughout the lessons as we learnt together and helped and encouraged each other to understand topics and do work. I honestly did not think that i would be able to pass again. Im happy to start thinking about getting A1 for math instead of always thinking to fail.”
Rubens, St. Patrick’s School, Sec 3, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“Prior to joining the class last year, I felt lost when studying for Math and A-Math. It has been a year since I joined the class and my grades jumped from an E8 to an A1 for Math for my preliminary examinations. Without the help of Miracle Math, I believe I would be stuck with the same grades. The lessons are very active and allow the student to focus for 2 hours straight with little to no distraction. Every lesson was encouraging and motivating. I highly recommend this centre if you are willing to co-operate with the teacher.”
Kashif, East Spring Secondary School, Sec 4, A1 for Math (improved from E8 to A1).

“Before joining Miracle Math, I often struggled to get good results for both my EMath and Amath even though I studied so much as I was just memorising the steps of solving the question answering not understanding how to solve it. However, after joining Miracle Math I was able to improve my EMath from E8 to A1 and AMath from F9 to B4 thanks to the help of the unique approach of how they teach. The Teacher’s approach to teaching is about understanding the question which I struggled with. Moreover, the encouragement the teacher gave led me to reach new heights and made me look at results in a different way instead of being fearful by looking at mistakes I made, I actually wanted to learn why I made these mistakes. Additionally, I would like to applaud the care that the teacher showed us by having conversations with us and making sure that we were alright and how she could help us to improve and also sent us motivational quotes to keep putting in the effort and not giving up easily. The place where the lesson is conducted is in a conducive environment, it is very good for learning and the 2 hours could just fly by without me noticing as I was engaged in learning in the class . Without a doubt I would definitely recommend this Tuition Center as the approach to learning is very unique and very helpful as you cant learnt anywhere.”
Zhi Yang, Manjusri Secondary, Sec 4, A1 for Math (improved from E8 to A1).

“I joined miracle math near the start of s4 after getting consistent B’s throughout s3. Though i was new to the class, the teacher was very kind, patient and approachable and would always help students when needed. The teacher gives relevant math tips and explains the solution thoroughly to make sure each and every student understands. The test papers they give and the notes in the booklets they give are very concise and is an excellent tool for revision. I managed to get an A1 for math in o levels thanks to miracle maths. 10/10 recommend”
Isacc, St. Patrick’s School, Sec 4, A1 for Math (improved from B4 to A1).

“Last year, when I received my PSLE results for Maths, I got very discouraged and thought I could never do well for Maths. After going for your lessons, you made Maths fun for me and that inspired me to work harder for Maths. Now, I am doing well for Maths and I also find it fun. Thank you!”
Yuraj, St. Gabriel’s Secondary, Sec 1, A1 for Math.

“This class is so engaging and fun. This class helped me pull up my grades so much and I got an A1!”
Lynette, Anglican High School, Sec 2, A1 for Math.

“I used to just pass math, but after attending the tuition, I was passing wit flying colours. The teachers are nice and the work helps me a lot.”
Francisca, Pasir Ris Secondary School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from B4 to A1).

“In Secondary 4, months before my E and A math O levels I was averaging a B4 and a C5 respectively. Lessons were very resourceful and the teacher’s dedication showed by staying back after lessons to clarify my doubts making sure that I definitely understand the concepts. Eventually for O levels I scored an A1 for Emath and A2 for Amath. There are some lessons which I missed due to competitions, with Miracle Math’s online recorded lessons, I manage to get back on track with lessons. For those students who are struggling with Emath or Amath, I would strongly recommend enrolling in Miracle Math to excel in Mathematics.”
Jonathan, Maris Stella High School, Sec 4, A1 for Math (improved from B4 to A1), A2 for Additional Math (improved from C5 to A2).

“I joined in Sec 2, and I can thank Miracle Math Tuition for my A1 streak. I have always struggled to find interest in math due to its tedious equations and uninteresting formulas. With Miracle Math’s help, I am able to find motivation to practise, as well as revise my math, which has helped me maintain good grades. The classes are small so it’s easier to make sure we all engage in class discussions, and the concepts taught are very clear-cut. The teacher ensures that we are all paying attention and the materials taught will be very useful during exams. In 2 hours you will be able to learn a lot, which is what made we enjoy classes every week. Please consider this tuition centre if you want to see quick improvements in math!”
Sabrina, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, Sec 2, A1 for Math.

“Thank you Miracle Math for helping my son, Axel in his Math, from F9 to B3 for his O-level result he had gotten today! I’m very proud of his achievements – He is eligible to enroll in any course he wish to. Fantastic job, such a miracle indeed!” – Medelyn (parent)
Axel, Broadrick Secondary School, Sec 4, B3 for Math (improved from F9 to B3).

“joining this tuition centre really helped me to gain more interest and confidence in mathematics. math was one of my weaker subjects, and so i’m glad to have joined miracle math as it helped change my perspective and the way i view math as a subject. it provides a conducive and a good learning environment where students feel supported in their learning, and are able to consolidate their learning too. the teacher is extremely supportive and is always willing to help, making lessons more carefree and entertaining. i personally really recommend joining this tuition centre as it has helped me tremendously, in terms of my interest and my grades as well!”
Jolie, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, Sec 2, A2 for Math (improved from B4 to A2).

“Before joining Miracle Math, my math grade was constantly at an D7/E8 . But after joining the classes , my grades started to improve gradually to a B3 . The materials and worksheets provided were very helpful and the teacher is always willing to clarify any doubts that I had . In comparison to other tuitions , Miracle Math also gave students access to recorded tuition sessions and materials ,whenever the student cannot be present for class or wants to revise weak topics they can simply use the google drive. Furthermore , teaching is done in a strategic and engaging way which made learning math less mundane and more interesting !!”
Shermaine, St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School, Sec 4, B3 for Math (improved from E8 to B3).

“teacher is supportive and patient when teaching the students”
Darion, Ngee Ann Secondary School, Sec 3, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“I joined last year during April, and my math has improved greatly, from c5 to a1. This was the first secondary school math tuition I had. The teacher is kind and explains the topics well.”
Raelynn, Anglican High, Sec 1, A1 for Math (improved from C5 to A1).

“it really helped me to understand concepts and the classes are very engaging and helped me improve from c6 to full marks !!”
Erynn, Anglican High School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from C6 to A1).

“The teacher is very nice and takes the initiative to stay back after class to answer the additional questions I have. I managed to clear my doubts and improved from my WA1 to an A1 in WA2.”
Raeanne, Anglican High School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from B3 to A1).

“Miracle Math is the only tuition centre that delivers results! We’ve tried many branded tuition centres and they disappointingly don’t produce results! We enrolled into Miracle Math in 2018 and have stayed with then till 2021 when my son finished his ‘O’ level. When my son first started his tuition with them, he was getting a C6 for his E. Math and F9 for his A. Math. After attending their classes, my son consistently improved and managed to get A1 for both his E.Math and A.Math for his ‘O’ level. We are absolutely grateful for their guidance and we can’t thank them enough. This is one authentic tuition centre that is committed to helping children with a heart and which is also committed to deliver results! Highly recommended!” – Maureen (parent)
Joash, Victoria School, Sec 4, A1 for Math (improved from C6 to A1), A1 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“My grades improved from mostly a 60 to a 70 or 75. I’m really glad I joined this tuition. The environment there is also very calm and friendly and moreover my tuition teacher is very patient in clearing our doubts which encourages us to ask more queries we have about the topic. Joining Miracle Math certainly improved my grades from a B to an A. Once again my goal of improving my math was fulfilled when I joined this tuition 🙂 ”
Bharathi, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from B3 to A1).

“Math has always been the nemesis of my gal. Though she has worked hard and excelled in the rest of her subjects, she mostly only managed a B for Math despite home tuition. This is until we found Miracle Math. I must say the teaching method works. What I am most grateful for is that she no longer fear math. In fact, she looks forward to her lessons and is always motivated to do better. And she finally did, by scoring an A1 for her recent test. Thank you Miracle Math! Pls keep up the good work!” – Eva (parent)
Chloe, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, Sec 1, A1 for Math.

“my results improved from a f9 to an a1 thanks to the help of my teacher. the teacher makes every lesson really interesting and helps me understand different methods easily.”
Kayla, CHIJ Katong Convent, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“We are glad that Miracle Math opened a centre near our place. My daughter is in Sec 2 and all along her weakest subject is Math and she failed her Math in Sec 1 and she improved greatly to A2 in Sec 2. Some of her friends or classmates were in other branded learning centres to get that kind of grade with premium. Miracle Math class size is small and more interactive. Even during COVID-19 time when lessons were carried out in zoom, the teacher will WhatsApp me if the student is not submitting the assignment. I am glad her grade has improved and hope she can maintain her standard.” – Ang (parent)
Arika, Ngee Ann Secondary School, Sec 2, A2 for Math.

“Before joining Miracle Math, I was usually getting Cs and Bs. However, after being in this tuition for a few months, my E Math grade jumped to an A1 for WA1.”
Sophia, Bedok Green Secondary, Sec 4, A1 for Math (improved from B4 to A1).

“when i 1st joined in sec 1 i hated math and was getting f9 for my math i thought i was done for math and did not even consider amath to be one of the subj i would choose in sec 2 however miracle math made me enjoy doing math and helped me get an A for math eoy and now i have even considered taking amath that last year i would have never have thought of.”
Priselle, Bedok South Secondary School, Sec 2, A2 for Math (improved from F9 to A2).

“At first I barely pass my maths. However after joining miracle math for 7 months, I got my first distinction in a long time. The classroom environment is peaceful for studying and the teacher is very approachable. Materials given are also useful and enough for self practice and classes are also being recorded and uploaded so that students can review it. overall it is a great experience at miracle math.”
Shannon, Hai Sing Catholic High, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“At the beginning of the year my math results were not consistent at all because i lacked understanding in certain topic. Miracle Math has wonderful and helpful teachers who has guided me through the thick and thins and now for my final term examination I scored an A2. The learning environment is also very conducive which helps us focus better. The teachers, the help I received, the materials as well as the productive environment help pull up my grades.”
Lakshana, Temasek Secondary, Sec 2, A2 for Math.

“Miracle Math has been a great tuition centre, with great teachers who are always willing to help if we need the help. The small group size means that the teacher is able to devote more time to helping each student master the topic. The teachers are also enthusiastic, approachable and knowledgeable, as such whenever I have any questions regarding the work or homework, I would always approach the teachers for help. Great job, I love this environment and it has helped me score well for both Math and A-Math. I would recommend this tuition centre to anyone if they need help with Math or A-Math!”
Jun Rong, Anglican High School, Sec 4, A1 for Math (improved from B3 to A1), A1 for Additional Math.

“Before joining i was only getting about C6. But after i joined i began to show improvement by scoring A’s. The teacher is very approachable which makes asking questions very easy. Under the teacher’s guidance, you just have to pit in your effort , you can expect an improvement. Classes are also enjoyable.”
Royston, Bedok View Secondary School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from C6 to A2).

“It’s never cumbersome to go to Miracle Math for tuition. I receive great care and professional lecture from teacher and the class environment is very conducive too. My grades have also improved and stabilised with just a few months of lessons. It’s always joyful and worth looking forward to when attending tuition.”
Kelly, Anglican High, Sec 3, A1 for Math.

“Teacher is very patient and always explain very clearly for all the questions. Advance learning here also makes lessons in school easier. I used to get B for math in Sec 1 but after joining I got A1 all the way from Sec 2 till now Sec 3”
Ding Feng, St. Patrick’s School, Sec 3, A1 for Additional Math, A1 for Math (improved from B3 to A1).

“before joining miracle math tuition , i got an undergrade for my end of year exam in secondary one . however , after i joined i could see quite an improvement in my school work. due to covid , some of us prefer to attend tuition lesson at home (digital lessons) , some might think it’s not as effective as going to the tuition centre physically , but to me i still learn well and there is not much difference between the going to tuition physically or doing the digital plan ; you would be attending tuition with the other students that are going there physically and learn together with them!”
Natalia, St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from U to A1).

“Before joining miracle math my understanding of math wasn’t very good but after a few lesson and guidance from my teacher, I began to notice the improvements. When it came to my wa2 I finally scored an a1. The methods taught are also very easy to understand and the teacher is very approachable.”
Fayth, Anglican High, Sec 2, A1 for Math.

“To anyone who asked me how my math was, I would say that math was my most consistent subject – I was always an F9. Having gotten an F9 in my Sec 3 EOYs, many around me encouraged me to drop A math. I was also starting to lose hope in myself, believing that I was inherently bad at math. It was at the beginning of Sec 4 when I joined Miracle Math. The teachers there believed in me when no one else did and would always go the extra mile for me, often staying back after class to answer my questions. The Covid-19 pandemic came and the Miracle Math’s teaching prowess really shone through. They adapted quickly, incorporating technology with education seamlessly. Using a high tech whiteboard, they would record the lessons so that us students could rewatch the lessons as many times are we liked. Not only did my math grades improve tremendously under the guidance of Miracle Math, they also helped me find my confidence in math. They made math less intimidating and gave me hope. I am extremely grateful for Miracle Math for believing in me and giving me a renewed sense of courage to face math head on. So, if you too are fearful of math, do not despair, you are not alone. With hard work and the right guidance, you will get there. There are miracles awaiting you at Miracle Math!”
Hui Si, Anglican High, Sec 4, A2 for Math (improved from E8 to A2), B4 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to B4).

“My daughter joined Miracle Math when she was struggling with A. Math and very lacking in confidence in her Math abilities. Miracle Math did a wonderful job teaching and encouraging her, building her confidence in both Math. Her results at O levels were a huge improvement, esp in A. Math where she went from failing to a B3 at Os, and an A2 for E. Math as well! Thank you for your patience and nurturing… she has enjoyed your lessons very much. We are thankful to have found you!” – Serena (parent)
Jadyn, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, Sec 4, A2 for Math (improved from B3 to A2), B3 for Additional Math (improved from D7 to B3).

“Before joining miracle math, i scored only a c6 for my math WA3. after joining miracle math, my math improved and i obtained an a2 for my year end exams teacher is really approachable and her methods to solving questions are easily understandable. She is also very patient and explains concepts to us until we understand. Thank u for teaching me and being patient with us”
Yi Xuan, St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School, Sec 3, A2 for Math (improved from C6 to A2).

“Since joining Miracle Math at the start of my Sec1, I have seen progressive improvements from B3 to A1. Teaching methods for syllabus easy to understand and digest. In addition, Miracle Math provides me with sufficient exercises to study the methods to solve and understand. Teacher is patient and ensures all students in the class understand how to solve the questions. No one is left behind. Teacher will joke in class creating fun learning environment. I strongly recommend Miracle Math.”
Jeanette, St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School, Sec 1, A1 for Math (improved from B3 to A1).

“Before I joined Miracle Math I failed my mid year examinations in Secondary 2. Mathematics was the only subject that I had a problem with. I was one of the worst in Mathematics in my class. I was almost about to give up on Mathematics because I found it too difficult to understand. However, Miracle Math managed to show me a different perspective towards Mathematics. She was extremely patient and would always ensure that I understood what she was teaching. Teacher made Mathematics very fun for me. Of course, my grades improved, but I never thought it would have improved so significantly. My F9 in my mid years turned into an A1 in my end of years allowing me to get into the stream that I wanted to. I am truly thankful to Miracle Math for believing in me and helping me achieve such great results.”
Balraj, St. Joseph’s Institution, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“Sometimes the explanation that the teachers give in my school do not really answer my question or that I do not understand what they are saying. After I started going to this tuition center, the questions and doubts that I had before were all cleared up by the teacher when I asked. I felt that the explanations she gave were clear and easy to understand. If you are someone who is bad or needs help with math, I would recommend joining this tuition.”
Yuen Zen, Anglican High School, Sec 1, A1 for Math (improved from B4 to A1).

“Before joining miracle Maths, I just passed for my first weighted assignment. But after joining miracle Maths, I got an A2 for my end of year. I am very glad I got my teacher to teach me, because she is very patient, so thank you”
Jerica, Loyang View Secondary School, Sec 3, A2 for Math (improved from C6 to A2).

“Before joining miracle math, my math WAs only scored C5 and C6. After joining miracle math, within half a year under the teacher’s motivation and patience during class i received an A1 for math EOY. The classes were very engaging and fun to go to and i would highly encourage to join miracle math.”
Mandy, Bedok Green Secondary School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from C6 to A1).

“before joining miracle math, i have constantly struggled with math and usually do not pass. however, after joining for just a short period of time, my grades have improved drastically from f9 to a1. thank you teacher for always being so patient and willing to teach me, i wouldn’t have done it without your help ! :> ”
Valerie, Hai Sing Catholic High, Sec 3, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“before joining Miracle Math Tuition I feel math is a very common subject but after joining I feel math is very interesting. Actually I just came to Singapore but Miracle Math help me catch up math and help me scored A1 in seven months. Teacher is a very patient teacher.If you have any question, she will explain it patiently and carefully. Thank you Miracle Math for your guidance! 🙂 ”
Xin Yi, Bedok View Secondary School, Sec 2, A1 for Math.

“i was scoring d7s and c6s before coming to this tuition. however, after a few months of tuition with Miracle Math, i improved tremendously! i went from Ds and Cs to Bs and even As! she is very good at explaining many different concepts to us and breaking them down into understandable chunks of information. it felt like my head was underwater all along, and i could finally see through the murky water into the clear bright world!!! my bad grades have ceased and decisted. she goes through the homework every week and gives quizzes on regular basis, and i believe this has gone a long way in helping me improve. the environment is also very comfortable, very spacious room, cooling aircon. tuition mates are also very friendly, particularly the thursday 7PM-9PM sec 2 class 2020. overall, class damn good one, confirm plus chop will improve as long as you are engaged!!! 🙂 ”
Khin, Chung Cheng High School (Main), Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“Before I attended Miracle Math I have been constantly getting C5 to C6 when I was secondary 1 but after I joined Miracle Math when I was secondary 2 I have managed to score an A1 for my Wa1 and full marks for my Wa3 And this is because of the teacher who helped me along the way and I owe my gratitude to her, whenever I was confused with a question she would always tell me where my mistake was and even though I still did not understand the question she would be very patient with me until I have finally understood, she is very energetic and is also very friendly to everyone in class, I would definitely recommend attending Miracle Math to improve your maths!”
Spencer, Pasir Ris Secondary School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from C6 to A1).

“Math has been my daughter’s weakest subject. After trying out at a few tuition centres, I am so grateful to have found Miracle Math. I am confident that Miracle Math is THE BEST tuition centre for my daughter who is currently in Secondary 1. Not only have I seen an excellent improvement in my daughter’s score for her Math, but I also observed that my daughter is starting to get more comfortable with the subject and it is all thanks to Teacher’s help. My daughter is now more confident and motivated to practice challenging Math questions on her own. As a parent, I am so relieved with these positive changes. Teacher has been the positive influence in my daughter’s attitude towards the subject. Teacher is passionate and well verse in teaching the subject. She is very patient when my daughter does not understand a certain topic and would help clear her doubts. Thank you very much Miracle Math in providing high quality teaching. Looking forward to continuing partnership with Miracle Math in achieving success for my daughter with the subject!” – Fazielah (parent)
Filzah, Loyang View Secondary School, Sec 1, A1 for Math.

“Teacher is very friendly and she makes sure to teach the students well! When we dont understand a topic, she tends to us individually and helps us understand the topic. She is very organised and has everything planned out well, thus there is no buffering time during lessons. I was initially very worried about my math results but thanks to her, I jumped from a F9 to an A1!”
Ji Ahn, Anglican High School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“Before i joined miracle math, my emath and amath were constantly stuck at either E8 or F9 🙁 even when i did according to what my previous 2 home tutors told me to do, i wasn’t able to improve. i wanted to drop amath because i couldn’t do it. however, joining miracle math helped me tremendously. teacher would go through the concepts patiently and would drill it into my head until i got it. i remember being the slowest in class and even did not have the courage to ask questions, but teacher helped me after class & i think that’s how i improved so much!! even so, i remember every time she gave us homework she would say ‘do it not because u need to but because u want to !! ‘ and somehow it motivated me HAHA… nevertheless, i completed my O levels scoring A2 in emath and B3 in amath in just 5 months 🙂 would definitely encourage joining miracle math as not only did i get my desired results, my hatred for math changed to a interest in it !! THANKS MIRACLE MATH 🙂 ”
Jan, Anglican High School, Sec 4, A2 for Math (improved from F9 to A2), B3 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to B3).

“before joining miraclemath, I was getting E8 or D7 in my math class tests and examinations, and I really didn’t enjoy math lessons in school. However after attending several sessions of tuition at miraclemath, I could see a great improvement in my results and I started to actually enjoy doing math. Under teacher’s guidance, I managed to improve my results from a E8 to a B3 for my end of year examinations and also received the Edusave Best Progress Award for this accomplishment! Overall, I am very happy about my experience at miraclemath and I hope others can have the same experience!”
Rachel, CHIJ Katong Convent, Sec 3, B3 for Math (improved from E8 to B3).

“before i started tuition at miracle math, i wasn’t doing relatively well in my math. i was struggling a lot to memories the formulas, i was so worried i wouldn’t be able to catch up with my classmates. my mom noticed how stress i was and found miracle math. on my first day at miracle math, teacher was super welcoming and friendly. she asked me to do some questions first as i was early so i tried them and i was struggling really badly. Teacher saw me struggling and explained the formula to me until i got it right. she was really very patient with me. ever since the covid 19 outbreak, we started having online lessons. miracle math will record the lessons and send it to you so if you missed out anything during them lesson, you can always watch the recording until you understand! i will always re-watch the recording and i just got back my wa3 and i got an a1! i’m pretty sure if it were not for Miracle Math, i wouldn’t have gotten my a1.”
Zoanne, Anglican High School, Sec 1, A1 for Math.

“Before I have joined MiracleMath, my Mathematics was really bad, I failed the first semester and got a D7. However, after I joined MiracleMath, my grades got better and got a B at the end of the year(overall grade) at the end of Sec 2. Despite not meeting the criteria of getting A Math, I managed to appeal for A-Math and get into my subject combination in Sec 3. I continued with the tuition and in the first term, I scored A1 for both my E-Math and A-Math. For people who are seeking for help in their Mathematics, I would strongly recommend you to join MiracleMath. Teacher helps you to better understand concepts and make Mathematics interesting and fun.”
Jonathon, Bedok View Secondary School, Sec 3, A1 for Additional Math, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“I am Jonathan Lim from Hai Sing Catholic, sec2 this year. attended this tuition since p6 as I was failing math for my p6 mid year Exams. For PSLE , with Miracle Math’s help , I went from D to A. I was very happy! For my 2019 Sec 1 WA2 , I barely passed , so I came back to Miracle Math tuition to get some help! With Miracle Math’s help , I jumped grades from D7 to A1 again! I am very satisfied with my results ! With their relocation to Heartbeat at Bedok, a more conducive environment to study has been in place for me and my tuition mates.My tuition mates are very fun , engaging and I interact with them and we constantly discuss during pop quizzes. And with that came good grades! This demonstrates the effectiveness of small group tuition which miracle math has become known for.I would definitely recommend this tuition to students that need help with their math. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ”
Jonathan, Hai Sing Catholic High, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1), A for PSLE Math (improved from D to A).

“Before joining Miracle Math, I got F9 for my Math EOY. After joining, in the span of 2 months my marks went from F9 to A1 drastically. I enjoyed going to Miracle Math as the class is so fun but I still learn many new math concepts which helps me a lot in school!”
Lok Yee, Anglican High School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“Before joining MiracleMath, my math grades were consistently poor and i had difficulties understanding the concept of math and found it hard to pass math. However, under the recommendation of a friend, i found out about MiracleMath and went to sign up for it. Teacher is a very patient and understanding teacher and will explain all the concepts one by one to her students and will not get angry when we are slow in understanding. She makes lessons fun and under her tuition, i gradually start to find my liking for math. Thank you Teacher for changing my whole perspective on math! MiracleMath is really a miracle.”
Xin Zi, Pasir Ris Secondary School, Sec 4, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“Before i joined Miracle Math, my parents had tried to send me to another tuition centre in the hopes of helping me improve my Mathematics results from a B, which disappointingly, was to no avail. No matter how hard i tried to do better in Maths, which i was always weak in because i had always found it difficult to grasp the concepts and solve word problems that i just could not understand, i had always been stuck at my slump at B. However, after joining Miracle Math, although i had newer Math topics to learn since i had just joined Secondary school, my results took a positive change and since then, i have been scoring A1’s and have been enjoying the process of learning new concepts, which was very new to me because as i had always thought of Maths as a burden and something i was just forced to do. Of course, all of this could not have been possible without the help and guidance from Teacher, who has not only taught me with care and understanding, but also made lessons fun and more engaging by chatting with us from time to time so as to not make us too tired and have a little laugh before continuing on with the lesson. Overall, my experience with Miracle Math has been very positive and enjoyable, and i hope that more people like me who need additional help with Maths will also join Miracle Math and be able to experience the true joy and fun of learning and scoring better for Maths as a result. Lastly, to Miracle Math; thank you very much for helping me improve and i definitely look forward to more fruitful lessons in the future! 🙂 ”
Insyirah, Greendale Secondary School, Sec 1, A1 for Math.

“I was doing very badly in math for sec 1-3 , getting C6s in sec 2 and F9 for sec 3 EOY. Taking this tuition helped me improve by a lot from getting F9s to A1 in sec 4, the environment is fun and yet still very educational. Despite having to wake up so early on a Saturday, it is something to look forward to as teacher is extremely good at teaching and funny. the tuition has really improved my understanding and foundation on math!”
Jovis, Pasir Ris Secondary School, Sec 4, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“Before joining miracle maths, my maths was bad. i kept on getting C’s and sometimes fail for my exams. but when I joined miracle maths, they encouraged that I can do better in my maths and I could improve . Teacher was patient and explains anything that I m not sure of. She also gives practice papers to practise on, she would also revise topics she teaches. teacher always make the lessons fun and intresting. joining miracle maths helped me tremendously in my studies. now because of miracle math, I managed to get A for my wa1. I strongly encourage those who wants to improve their maths to join miracle math.”
Yu Xuan, CHIJ Katong Convent, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“before joining miracle math, i was just an average student, barely passing math. however, just after one month after joining miracle math, i’ve got an a2 for my mid years. for my prelims, i’ve scored an a1! teacher has made math much more enjoyable to learn and through her lessons i was able to understand many more math concepts easily! thank you teacher for your guidance! 🙂”
Hao Yue, Pasir Ris Secondary School, Sec 4, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“I am Sec 1 this year and I joined miracle math 2 months before my exam. Before I joined the class, I usually got A2 or B3 for my examination but after I joined Miracle Math my grades improved tremendously and got A1 for my examination! Tuition is fun!”
Xavier, Beatty Secondary School, Sec 1, A1 for Math (improved from B3 to A1).

“I really benefitted greatly from this tuition centre. Not only did it allow me to jump from a low B3 to a A1, I had improved alot even after only being in the tuition for 3 months. I really enjoyed and learnt alot from this tuition as teacher is very patient and a teacher who explains the sums extremely well. She is a passionate teacher who insists on teaching us the best and always has a bright smile while teaching us. She is also very kind and encouraging ,always sheeting us on. Being in Miracle Math it really really helped me to understand the topics well and pushed me on to do well for math. I’m glad I joined Miracle Math tuition.”
Calise, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, Sec 1, A1 for Math (improved from B3 to A1).

“When I started this tution i had some basic. But after joining his tution I understand some concepts which is easy for me to understand. And for end of year exam I scored 70/100. I am very grateful for this tution and I never regret 🙂 :)”
Yong Si, Bedok South Secondary School, Sec 1, A2 for Math (improved from C5 to A2).

“I’m secondary one this year and I have been in this tuition for since the start of the year 2019 and its sept now. Teacher is a really great and patient teacher that really helped my grades improve. In my first WA, I scored 11/30. After a few months of this tuition, I scored 18/30 for my WA2, and now, I got an A for math, 21/30, for WA3! The improvement is really drastic and I realised that this was a tuition that was really fun, engaging to a point where I could still focus and enjoy the tuition but score really well. This tuition is different from other centres whereas of the teacher, which Teacher once again us very kind, patient and very fun in the sense that lesson is never boring. After a good few months of this tuition, my parents and myself included are very pleased with my results and we certainly recommend anyone who has trouble with Math to join this centre”
Amber, Temasek Secondary School, Sec 1, A2 for Math (improved from F9 to A2).

“When i first came i was only receiving a score of 56 percent. After half a year, i jumped to a score of 90 percent! Teacher is a dedicated teacher and is never tired of having to recap concepts. She has alot of materials for us to do during her class to improve our skills.”
Joash, Victoria School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from C5 to A1).

“Before joining Miracle Math, I used to get F9 for math. After joining Miracle Math, my grades improved, from F9 to A1. Teacher is helpful, class is fun. The teacher helped me to understand and clarify things that i am not sure of.”
Kah Nyee, Dunman Secondary School, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“Before joining miracle math I hated math and have joined many math tuitions before that didn’t really help and improve my grades. My dad was very disappointed with my results and thought that tuition didn’t really help and it is a waste of money as I don’t learn and improve. After getting my psle results my mum knew that I needed math tuition for sec one so my mum found about miracle math and I went for it. It turn out to be a really fun and engaging experience! My teacher taught me lots of math concepts like prime factorization, algebra and many others. teacher is really nice and dedicated and like I treat her like a friend where I can share problems and stories to her. After a few weeks of tuition i improved leaps and bounds and even volunteered to be the math rep and started to love math after that. For my wa2 I got an 80/100 and wa1 did pretty well too so I got an a1 for combined. My parents were pretty pleased and my dad finally saw an improvement of my math! Those who haven’t sign up yet! Sign up now! I am very sure u will have an enriching experience! She’s one of the best math tutor u can ever find!”
Keira, CHIJ Katong Convent, Sec 1, A1 for Math.

“Teacher is a very fun and patient teacher! Before i joined miracle math i failed math and now my recent math mye i got a b3.”
Devon, Edgefield Secondary School, Sec 2, B3 for Math (improved from D7 to B3).

“teacher who is always familiar with Singapore math latest syllabus compared to other learning centres and Teachers and is able to help any student excel. When in doubt of how to answer a qns or qns type, she can definitely be of help.”
Wayne, Tampines Meridian Junior College, JC 1, A for H2 Math, Jurong Secondary School, A1 for Math (improved from C6 to A1), B3 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to B3).

“Before I joined this tuition, I have failed my tests and after I came in, I got 80/100, an A for my math. The environment in here is very calming and very conducive one of the reasons is that Cher would go through the topics even before the school can teach us that topics”
Joshua, Bedok South Secondary, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“Miracle math tuition is, hands down, the best tuition centres I have attended. Dedicated and patient teacher. Dedicated to get the best out of her students and patient in teaching all the concepts of that chapter properly before advancing to the next one. She never gets tired of recapping the things that students forget or don’t get the first time.
It is amazing how she is able to make class so fun yet, we still learn so much. She takes every question asked seriously and is a very hardworking teacher. Would definitely recommend if u want to tremendously improve your Mathematics!”
Jezer, Hai Sing Catholic High, Sec 5, A2 for Math (improved from C6 to A2), A2 for Additional Math (improved from B3 to A2).

“Miracle Math is my math tutor ever since I stayed in Singapore. I was in secondary one express stream and My results weren’t good however with her much guidance, I improved much and my end year result was an A.”
Kazu, Springfield Secondary School, Sec 1, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“a passionate teacher that teaches me well. The learning environment is excellent for me. Currently I am a Sec 2 Express student which is going to be promoted to Sec 3 Express next year. Before I went to Miracle Math for tuition I got 9/20 for term 2 class test 2. After I went to Miracle math I got 62/100 for Mid year Exams, and I got 81/100 for End of year exams an A1.”
Hui Xuan, Manjusri Secondary School, Sec 2, A2 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“Thank you so much for giving me all the guidance I needed in Math! With your help, I got 20/23 for one of the tests and frankly it was impossible if not for you! I do sincerely wish to soar to greater heights under your guidance. Thank you for everything! May this miracle last forever!”
Nicholas, Anglican High, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from E8 to A1).

“The best maths tutor I’ve ever had! Teacher is incredibly kind, super encouraging, and is always ready to help!”
Pearl, CHIJ Katong Convent, A for A-Level H2 Math, A1 for O-Level Additional Math, A1 for O-Level Math.

“Miracle Math was my math tutor when I was in secondary school. She was always kind, patient, and very encouraging. Tutoring session always fun with her.”
Peam, Ping Yi Secondary School, Sec 2.

“My Math Tutor while I’m in secondary school and JC! I remembered always looking forward to her sessions 🙂 She was a very patient and encouraging tutor, exactly the style that I needed in order to do well and have fun at the same time!”
Pam, Victoria Junior College, CHIJ Katong Convent, A for A-Level H2 Math, A1 for O-Level A-Math, A1 for O-Level Math.

“My math tutor in secondary school and JC: She was always patient and encouraging in explaining the concepts to me. Thanks for all your time and effort! 🙂 ”
Jamie, St Andrew’s Junior College, St. Margaret’s Secondary School, A for A-Level H2 Math, A1 for O-Level Additional Math, A1 for O-Level Math.

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