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"Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips."

Let our customers share why they chose Miracle Math, and why we have more success stories and reviews than most tuition centres in Singapore every year. The reviews compiled here is just a tip of the iceberg, as many students who did well have not written a review for us. Some students travelled more than one hour to our tuition centre at Bedok Central. There must be a good reason to do so. Improve 2 grades or more with the right instructions, resources and guidance!

“My daughter has started tuition classes with Miracle Math from beginning of P5. We have seen great improvement in not only her exams results but her confidence to attempt more complicated questions. Often kids can just switch off or give up if they feel the questions are too difficult. But I’m glad she has grown to have the courage to try. Math has been her weaker subject so this is also the only tuition class she attends. End of p6, psle she has actually gotten an A for it! She is equally surprised and delighted. We are grateful for Miracle Math Teachers who are extremely patient. And they do not simply hold a role of tutor, but even as a partner with us parents, to help the children grow in confidence n faith. Thank u so much!!!!” – Jessica (parent)
Reanne, Yu Neng Primary School, Pri 6, A for Math (improved from C to A).

“Before joining Miracle math, I was always failing math as I could not grasp certain concepts. However, after joining my grades went up as the teacher is very patient in explaining and helped me understand the concepts better resulting in me enjoying lessons and the subject itself. Classes are always fun to attend and since it is in a smaller group it allows me to ask more questions without feeling pressured. I was able to attain an A for my O levels because of Miracle math!”
Lok Yee, Anglican High, Sec 4, A2 for Math (improved from F9 to A2), A2 for Additional Math.

“I am convinced of how a teacher can make or break a child. My gal started off her classes in P4 unsure and lacked confidence and clarity especially when it came to problem sums. Teacher is not only patient and caring, she slowly builds the child’s interest through encouragement and teaching her the basics systematically before challenging her with the more difficult sums. Since my gal started her class she has been gradually improving and she ended with a strong A for her PSLE. We couldn’t have done it without the support from Miracle Math. Highly recommended! Thank you Miracle Math. It is not just the results that I am heartened by, I am more pleased that with the help of Teacher’s guidance she no longer feels that Maths is a subject she cannot tackle.” – Marlene (parent)
Janelle, St Hilda’s Primary School, Pri 6, A for Math (improved from B to A).

“Before joining Miracle Math, I was failing Math in secondary 2. I could not understand what was being taught, so I did not like Math. However, Miracle Math completely changed my perception of Math. The teacher made concepts easy to understand and gave me sufficient practice to ensure I understood how to apply the concepts properly. The teacher was also very patient and would try her best ensure I understood what was being taught before moving on, so that I was not left in the dark. Through these, I managed to score an A1 for Math in my end of years for secondary 2. I was also able to maintain great results for Math throughout my secondary school years and managed to score A1s for both E Math and A Math for my prelims and O levels. I am also very thankful to the teacher for being patient and always providing practices for me to hone my skills in Math and helping me understand questions whenever I get them wrong. I find Math very fun now. Thanks so much Miracle Math!”
Balraj, St. Joseph's Institution, Sec 4, A1 for Additional Math, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“Miracle Math is the only tuition centre that delivers results! We've tried many branded centres and they disappointingly don't produce results! We enrolled into Miracle Math in 2018 and have stayed with them till 2021 when my son finished his O-level. When my son first started his tuition with them, he was getting C6 for E-Math and F9 for A-Math. After attending their classes, my son consistently improved and managed to get A1 for both his E-Math and A-Math for O-level. We are absolutely grateful for their guidance and we can't thank them enough. This is one authentic tuition centre that is committed to helping children with a heart and which is also committed to deliver results! Highly recommended!” - Maureen (parent)
Joash, Victoria School, Sec 4, A1 for Math (improved from C6 to A1), A1 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“Miracle Math has earned my respect for being the tuition centre that really helps students that really need guidance to unleash their potential and achieve their dream grade in Add Math. In this current trend of parents sending their already 'smart' kids for tuition to further boost their grades, Miracle Math stood above the rest by being THE tuition centre that really does what tuition centres should do as a first priority - to help the weaker kids to improve and excel. At a time when I was searching for a centre that can really help my child who was getting F9 in Add Math at the end of Sec 3, I came across this centre which was unbeknown to me then. I was impressed by the assuring first consultation session, the calm ambience of the centre and the cosy, small class room size. Throughout the sessions, I did check - ins with my child who provided feedback to me that his teacher was very patient with him and was very willing to go the extra mile to guide him. Such dedication is difficult to find nowadays and as such was deeply appreciated as tuition doesn't come cheap nowadays. Personally for me, it was worth every dollar spent. Today, my child achieved an A1 for his O levels Add Math. It is said that we can believe in miracles...indeed I have developed a strong belief in Miracle Math Tuition. Here sending you a heartfelt BIG THANK YOU from an ever grateful parent and a very happy and now much, much more motivated child.” - Norlizan (parent)
Afiq, Tanjong Katong Secondary School, Sec 4, A1 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“Math has been my daughter’s weakest subject. After trying out at a few tuition centres, I am so grateful to have found Miracle Math. I am confident that Miracle Math is THE BEST tuition centre for my daughter who is currently in Secondary 1. Not only have I seen an excellent improvement in my daughter’s score for her Math, but I also observed that my daughter is starting to get more comfortable with the subject and it is all thanks to Teacher's help. My daughter is now more confident and motivated to practice challenging Math questions on her own. As a parent, I am so relieved with these positive changes. Teacher has been the positive influence in my daughter’s attitude towards the subject. Teacher is passionate and well verse in teaching the subject. She is very patient when my daughter does not understand a certain topic and would help clear her doubts. Thank you very much Miracle Math in providing high quality teaching. Looking forward to continuing partnership with Miracle Math in achieving success for my daughter with the subject!" - Fazielah (parent)
Filzah, Loyang View Secondary School, Sec 1, A1 for Math.

“Math has always been the nemesis of my gal. Though she has worked hard and excelled in the rest of her subjects, she mostly only managed a B for Math despite home tuition. This is until we found Miracle Math. I must say the teaching method works. What I am most grateful for is that she no longer fear math. In fact, she looks forward to her lessons and is always motivated to do better. And she finally did, by scoring an A1 for her recent test. Thank you Miracle Math! Pls keep up the good work!” - Eva (parent)
Chloe, Tanjong Katong Girls' School, Sec 1, A1 for Math.

“I chanced upon Miracle Math Tuition Centre when I was surfing the net in my search for a good tuition centre in the east to enrol my P5 going P6 boy. My boy was scoring A in Math before joining Miracle Math and he needed the extra push to attain A* in PSLE. Teacher managed to give him that extra push and he got what he wanted when he received his PSLE result last year..During circuit breaker period, teacher was ever willing to render help whenever needed..No surprises there that my boy is continuing with Miracle Math now that he is in Sec 1. Keep up the passion and great work, Miracle Math!!!” – Malathi (parent)
“I was good in Math but I wanted to excel in it. I could understand concepts to a certain extent but application of the concepts when questions are phrased in different ways was a challenge to me. When I joined Miracle Math, teacher taught me what to look out for in order to apply a certain concept to solve the problem. When I encountered difficult questions, all I had to do was to reach out to teacher for help. I strongly recommend Miracle Math Tuition.”
Nicholas, Temasek Primary, Pri 6, A Star for Math (improved from A to A Star).

“Teacher who is always familiar with Singapore math latest syllabus compared to other learning centres. Teachers are able to help any student excel.”
Wayne, Tampines Meridian Junior College, JC 1, A for H2 Math, Jurong Secondary School, A1 for Math (improved from C6 to A1), B3 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to B3).

"To anyone who asked me how my math was, I would say that math was my most consistent subject - I was always an F9. Having gotten an F9 in my Sec 3 EOYs, many around me encouraged me to drop A math. I was also starting to lose hope in myself, believing that I was inherently bad at math. It was at the beginning of Sec 4 when I joined Miracle Math. The teachers there believed in me when no one else did and would always go the extra mile for me, often staying back after class to answer my questions. The Covid-19 pandemic came and the Miracle Math’s teaching prowess really shone through. They adapted quickly, incorporating technology with education seamlessly. Using a high tech whiteboard, they would record the lessons so that us students could rewatch the lessons as many times are we liked. Not only did my math grades improve tremendously under the guidance of Miracle Math, they also helped me find my confidence in math. They made math less intimidating and gave me hope. I am extremely grateful for Miracle Math for believing in me and giving me a renewed sense of courage to face math head on. So, if you too are fearful of math, do not despair, you are not alone. With hard work and the right guidance, you will get there. There are miracles awaiting you at Miracle Math!"
Hui Si, Anglican High, Sec 4, A2 for Math (improved from E8 to A2), B4 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to B4).

“Before i joined Miracle Maths this year, my parents had tried to send me to another tuition centre in the hopes of helping me improve my Mathematics results from a B, which disappointingly, was to no avail. No matter how hard i tried to do better in Maths, which i was always weak in because i had always found it difficult to grasp the concepts and solve word problems that i just could not understand, i had always been stuck at my slump at B. However, after joining Miracle Maths, although i had newer Math topics to learn since i had just joined Secondary school, my results took a positive change and since then, i have been scoring A1's and have been enjoying the process of learning new concepts, which was very new to me because as i had always thought of Maths as a burden and something i was just forced to do. Of course, all of this could not have been possible without the help and guidance from Teacher, who has not only taught me with care and understanding, but also made lessons fun and more engaging by chatting with us from time to time so as to not make us too tired and have a little laugh before continuing on with the lesson. Overall, my experience with Miracle Maths has been very positive and enjoyable, and i hope that more people like me who need additional help with Maths will also join Miracle Maths and be able to experience the true joy and fun of learning and scoring better for Maths as a result.
Lastly, to Miracle Maths; thank you very much for helping me improve and i definitely look forward to more fruitful lessons in the future! 🙂 ”
Insyirah, Greendale Secondary School, Sec 1, A1 for Math.

“Before i joined miracle math, my emath and amath were constantly stuck at either E8 or F9 🙁 even when i did according to what my previous 2 home tutors told me to do, i wasn’t able to improve. i wanted to drop amath because i couldn’t do it. however, joining miracle math helped me tremendously. teacher would go through the concepts patiently and would drill it into my head until i got it. i remember being the slowest in class and even did not have the courage to ask questions, but teacher helped me after class & i think that’s how i improved so much!! even so, i remember every time she gave us homework she would say 'do it not because u need to but because u want to !! ' and somehow it motivated me HAHA… nevertheless, i completed my O levels scoring A2 in emath and B3 in amath in just 5 months 🙂 would definitely encourage joining miracle math as not only did i get my desired results, my hatred for math changed to a interest in it !! THANKS MIRACLE MATH 🙂 ”
Jan, Anglican High School, Sec 4, A2 for Math (improved from F9 to A2), B3 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to B3).

“Before joining Miracle math tuition, my math was most of the time a “C”. However, after joining, i could see tremendous improvement with my math grades, which brought me up to the “B” range - which i am proud of because math was never one of my strongest subjects. With the help of teacher’s thorough explanation for the questions i did not understand, it really helped me clear my doubts and gave me lots of confidence in tackling other challenging math questions. I would not have done well for my O level E-Math if i did not have Miracle Math’s help!! 🙂”
Sean, Hai Sing Catholic High, Sec 5, B3 for Math (improved from C6 to B3).

“the best amath teacher!!!! Regardless of how tough/complicated/difficult the qn or concept is, she can definitely solve them and even explain in detail how the solution is derived till one understands it. Its ok to continually ask her how a concept works as sometimes certain topics like integration and differentiation can be rather hard to understand at first but fret not she will patiently go through all the formulas and is more than willing to give notes and even a lot of other schools papers for u to try (math needs a lotttt of practice). Thx to her i secured an A1 for my Amath O’level result !!! 🙂 Thank u Miracle Math !!!”
Yan Yi, Anglican High School, Sec 4, A1 for Additional Math.

“Before I joined this tuition, I have failed my tests and after I came in, I got 80/100, an A for my math. The environment in here is very calming and very conducive one of the reasons is that Cher would go through the topics even before the school can teach us that topics”
Joshua, Bedok South Secondary, Sec 2, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

"Miracle math tuition is, hands down, the best tuition centres I have attended. Dedicated and patient teacher. Dedicated to get the best out of her students and patient in teaching all the concepts of that chapter properly before advancing to the next one. She never gets tired of recapping the things that students forget or don’t get the first time.
It is amazing how she is able to make class so fun yet, we still learn so much. She takes every question asked seriously and is a very hardworking teacher. Would definitely recommend if u want to tremendously improve your Mathematics!"
Jezer, Hai Sing Catholic High, Sec 5, A2 for Math (improved from C6 to A2), A2 for Additional Math (improved from B3 to A2).

“I was very fortunate to be recommended to Miracle Math from my parent’s friend. After P6 SA1 I found that I have some areas that needed to be clarified and explained. Teacher is very kind, patient and inspiring teacher, who is very good in what she does. I only spent 2-3 months with her before psle, my prelim grade jumped 2 grades up. I strongly recommend her to those who needed her professional advice. Thanks Miracle Math!”
Sharlene, Temasek Primary School, Pri 6, A for Math (improved from C to A).

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