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Miracle Math Tuition Centre provides Primary, Secondary, and Additional Math tuition in Singapore (Bedok). Online Math Tuition Classes Available.

The Last Shall Be First, There Is Hope

Every student has the potential to excel in Math given the right instructions, resources and guidance. Even the last in class can be first. Improve from F to A, nothing is impossible with the help of our maths tutors!

Enjoy Math, No Dragging Of Feet

We understand the frustration that students face in their struggle to learn Mathematics. Many lose the joy of learning and often see a decline in their grades when they do not engage in something they enjoy. Miracle Math Tuition Centre seeks to instil the joy of learning in every student to help them succeed in their academics and their lives.

Leverage the Power of Group Tuition

Miracle Math believes in the power of group tuition. In a group setting, students can learn collaboratively and look at a problem through the lens of their fellow peers. Brainstorming and analysing each other’s thoughts help cultivate students’ critical and analytical thinking skills. Moreover, group tuition allows students to discuss and teach each other the learned concepts, thus enhancing their understanding of the problem.

No Huge Class, No Lost Sheep

Huge classes may be ineffective — after all, students need to compete with each other to get personalised interactions with the tutor. The good news is that Miracle Math Singapore offers small group classes of about 8 to 9 students per class. No lost sheep in our Maths tuition class!

Customised Game Plan

We offer a personalised education that is highly interactive with the Maths tutor and among the students. Two is better than one — our students help each other succeed. Plus, we promise that our maths tuition is interesting and engaging. Our game plan is customised for each student — as long as our students follow this plan, they will definitely see an improvement in their Math skills.

Highly-Qualified Tutors

All our teachers are highly qualified and are registered and approved by MOE. They are experts in Math and have a gift for teaching and working well with primary and secondary school students. By partnering with the best teachers in Singapore, you can rest assured that we will bring out the best in our students.

Tuition Without Improvement = No Tuition

Math tuition is a waste of resources if a student doesn’t see an improvement in results after some time. Fortunately, students will definitely see an improvement as long as they are willing to cooperate with us! Join Miracle Math Tuition and expect good results!


"Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips."

Let our customers share why they chose Miracle Math and trust our maths tutor, and why we have more success stories and reviews than most tuition centres in Singapore every year.

Hear more from our students on why they chose Miracle Math in Singapore and trust our Maths tutors. It is thanks to our cooperative students and parents that we have more success stories and reviews than most tuition centres in Singapore every year!

“I chanced upon Miracle Math Tuition Centre when I was surfing the net in my search for a good tuition centre in the east to enrol my P5 going P6 boy. My boy was scoring A in Math before joining Miracle Math and he needed the extra push to attain A* in PSLE. Teacher managed to give him that extra push and he got what he wanted when he received his PSLE result last year..During circuit breaker period, teacher was ever willing to render help whenever needed..No surprises there that my boy is continuing with Miracle Math now that he is in Sec 1. Keep up the passion and great work, Miracle Math!!!” – Malathi (parent)
“I was good in Math but I wanted to excel in it. I could understand concepts to a certain extent but application of the concepts when questions are phrased in different ways was a challenge to me. When I joined Miracle Math, teacher taught me what to look out for in order to apply a certain concept to solve the problem. When I encountered difficult questions, all I had to do was to reach out to teacher for help. I strongly recommend Miracle Math Tuition.”

Nicholas, Temasek Primary, Pri 6, A Star for Math (improved from A to A Star).

“Math has always been the nemesis of my gal. Though she has worked hard and excelled in the rest of her subjects, she mostly only managed a B for Math despite home tuition. This is until we found Miracle Math. I must say the teaching method works. What I am most grateful for is that she no longer fear math. In fact, she looks forward to her lessons and is always motivated to do better. And she finally did, by scoring an A1 for her recent test. Thank you Miracle Math! Pls keep up the good work!” - Eva (parent)
Chloe, Tanjong Katong Girls' School, Sec 1, A1 for Math.

"To anyone who asked me how my math was, I would say that math was my most consistent subject - I was always an F9. Having gotten an F9 in my Sec 3 EOYs, many around me encouraged me to drop A math. I was also starting to lose hope in myself, believing that I was inherently bad at math. It was at the beginning of Sec 4 when I joined Miracle Math. The teachers there believed in me when no one else did and would always go the extra mile for me, often staying back after class to answer my questions. The Covid-19 pandemic came and the Miracle Math’s teaching prowess really shone through. They adapted quickly, incorporating technology with education seamlessly. Using a high tech whiteboard, they would record the lessons so that us students could rewatch the lessons as many times are we liked. Not only did my math grades improve tremendously under the guidance of Miracle Math, they also helped me find my confidence in math. They made math less intimidating and gave me hope. I am extremely grateful for Miracle Math for believing in me and giving me a renewed sense of courage to face math head on. So, if you too are fearful of math, do not despair, you are not alone. With hard work and the right guidance, you will get there. There are miracles awaiting you at Miracle Math!"
Hui Si, Anglican High, Sec 4, A2 for Math (improved from E8 to A2), B4 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to B4).

“My daughter has started tuition classes with Miracle Math from beginning of P5. We have seen great improvement in not only her exams results but her confidence to attempt more complicated questions. Often kids can just switch off or give up if they feel the questions are too difficult. But I’m glad she has grown to have the courage to try. Math has been her weaker subject so this is also the only tuition class she attends. End of p6, psle she has actually gotten an A for it! She is equally surprised and delighted. We are grateful for Miracle Math Teachers who are extremely patient. And they do not simply hold a role of tutor, but even as a partner with us parents, to help the children grow in confidence n faith. Thank u so much!!!!” – Jessica (parent)
Reanne, Yu Neng Primary School, Pri 6, A for Math (improved from C to A).

Before i joined Miracle Maths this year, my parents had tried to send me to another tuition centre in the hopes of helping me improve my Mathematics results from a B, which disappointingly, was to no avail. No matter how hard i tried to do better in Maths, which i was always weak in because i had always found it difficult to grasp the concepts and solve word problems that i just could not understand, i had always been stuck at my slump at B. However, after joining Miracle Maths, although i had newer Math topics to learn since i had just joined Secondary school, my results took a positive change and since then, i have been scoring A1's and have been enjoying the process of learning new concepts, which was very new to me because as i had always thought of Maths as a burden and something i was just forced to do. Of course, all of this could not have been possible without the help and guidance from Teacher, who has not only taught me with care and understanding, but also made lessons fun and more engaging by chatting with us from time to time so as to not make us too tired and have a little laugh before continuing on with the lesson. Overall, my experience with Miracle Maths has been very positive and enjoyable, and i hope that more people like me who need additional help with Maths will also join Miracle Maths and be able to experience the true joy and fun of learning and scoring better for Maths as a result.
Lastly, to Miracle Maths; thank you very much for helping me improve and i definitely look forward to more fruitful lessons in the future! 🙂
Insyirah, Greendale Secondary School, Sec 1, A1 for Math.

“Before joining Miracle Math, I was failing Math in secondary 2. I could not understand what was being taught, so I did not like Math. However, Miracle Math completely changed my perception of Math. The teacher made concepts easy to understand and gave me sufficient practice to ensure I understood how to apply the concepts properly. The teacher was also very patient and would try her best ensure I understood what was being taught before moving on, so that I was not left in the dark. Through these, I managed to score an A1 for Math in my end of years for secondary 2. I was also able to maintain great results for Math throughout my secondary school years and managed to score A1s for both E Math and A Math for my prelims and O levels. I am also very thankful to the teacher for being patient and always providing practices for me to hone my skills in Math and helping me understand questions whenever I get them wrong. I find Math very fun now. Thanks so much Miracle Math!”
Balraj, St. Joseph's Institution, Sec 4, A1 for Additional Math, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

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Our Math tuition centre has received awards and recognition from various sources for our contribution to students’ academic achievements.

Parentsworld - Best Enrichment & Learning Schools Award 2023/2024

Parentsworld - Best Enrichment & Learning Schools Award 2023/2024

Top 3 Tuition Centres 2021 2022 2023

ThreeBestRated - Top 3 Tuition Centres 2021/2022/2023/2024

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Highly Rated and Reviewed by Parents and Students on Facebook

Miracle Math Tuition Centre - Best Tuition Centres in Singapore (2020)

Best Tuition Centres in Singapore

Miracle Math Tuition Centre - Best Tuition Centres in Singapore

Best Tuition Centres in Singapore

Top Tuition Centers In Singapore

Top Tuition Centers In Singapore

Miracle Math Tuition Centre - Best Tuition Centres in

Best Tuition Centres in Singapore

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