Esteemed Primary Math Tuition in Singapore (Online Option Available)

Miracle Math provides Primary Math tuition in Singapore, targeted towards Primary 5 and Primary 6 students.

As PSLE is the first national examination students take, it is a common concern for many students and parents — but don’t worry: Primary Mathematics tuition can help.

Our dedicated team of tutors is committed to helping young students develop a solid understanding of mathematical concepts that will help boost their grades. Our Primary 5 Math tuition ensures that students transit smoothly into upper primary math and our Primary 6 Math tuition helps students with exam preparation.

Miracle Math offers Primary Math tuition in Bedok and is thus a convenient option for those living in the East. Alternatively, we also provide our tuition online for students who are living further away.

Primary Math Tuition Singapore

How Can We Help?

1. Comprehensive Curriculum Coverage

Although Primary School Math seems easy at first glance, it can be challenging for young students who do not have a firm grasp of basic mathematical concepts. The lack of understanding of foundational topics and the quick pace of school classes can cause students to lag behind.

Therefore, not only does Miracle Math cover a comprehensive range of topics, but we also prioritise the development of a strong conceptual understanding. Hence, our tutors break down complex ideas into digestible chunks, ensuring all students grasp the whys and the hows.

Expand the boxes below to see the specific topics covered in our Primary Mathematics tuition:

Topics Covered in Primary 5 Math Tuition
    1. Whole Numbers
    2. Area of a Triangle
    3. Fractions
    4. Ratio
    5. Angles
    6. Decimals
    7. Percentage
    8. Rate
    9. Average
    10. Triangles and Geometry
    11.  Solids
    12. Volume of Solid and Liquid
Topics Covered in Primary 6 Math Tuition
    1. Algebra
    2. Angles in Geometric Figures
    3. Nets
    4. Fractions
    5. Ratio
    6. Percentage
    7. Speed
    8. Circles
    9. Pie Charts
    10. Area and Perimeter of Figures
    11. Volume of Solids and Liquids

2. Experienced and Caring Tutors

Our team of experienced tutors understand the unique learning needs of young students. They possess a deep knowledge of the Primary Math curriculum and are skilled in nurturing students’ math skills.

Due to our small class sizes, Primary School students can receive personalised guidance from the tutors. This one-on-one support allows tutors to engage deeply and empathetically with students, identifying and addressing their unique strengths and weaknesses.

3. Nurturing Confidence and Curiosity

Mathematics can be intimidating for young learners. As the topics and concepts get more complex, it is common for students to feel frustrated and develop a dislike towards the subject. However, having a good foundation in Math is crucial for secondary school and beyond, and an aversion to the subject can create problems in students’ future studies.

At Miracle Math, we seek to help students rediscover their love for learning. Our Primary Mathematics tuition focuses on fostering confidence and curiosity by encouraging students to ask questions, explore different problem-solving techniques, and think critically about Math concepts. Helping students navigate difficult concepts encourages them to learn to overcome challenges and develop a more positive attitude towards Math.

4. Exam Readiness

We prepare students for success both in academics and in life. Our tutors equip students with effective exam strategies, time management skills, and practice papers to boost their confidence during exams.

Primary Mathematics Tuition Singapore

Fees & Schedule

Our Primary Math tuition for Primary 5 and 6 students are offered at a competitive rate, with fees ranging from $52.00 to $67.50 per lesson. Contact us to find out the pricing for the specific level you are interested in!

Our 2024 class schedule* for Primary Mathematics tuition are as follows:

Pri 5 Math – Onsite/Online

    1. Fri 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Standard)

Pri 6 Math – Onsite/Online

    1. Sat 10:30 am to 12:30 pm (Standard)
    2. Sat 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm (Standard)

*subjected to change

Primary 5 and 6 Math Tuition
Frequently Asked Questions
Does Miracle Math Provide Onsite and Online Primary Math Tuition?
Yes! Students can choose between online and onsite primary math tuition in Bedok, which are held concurrently.

Do note that timed assessments are marked for onsite students only. However, online students can type in the Zoom chat (either in a group chat or private chat with the tutor) or speak into the microphone if clarification is required.

Students may switch between onsite and online tuition at the end of each term.

How Many Students Are There in Each Primary Math Class?
There are 8 to 9 students per onsite class, and no limit for online classes.
Does Miracle Math Provide 1-on-1 Tuition or Group Tuition?
We no longer provide 1-on-1 Primary 5 and Primary 6 math tuition classes. Only group tuition is available.

Rest assured that students will not miss out. Group tuition may be even more effective than 1-on-1 classes as it encourages interaction and discussion and thus allows students to help each other understand challenging concepts.

May We Have the Teachers’ Profiles?
At Miracle Math, we partner with the best teachers in Singapore to bring out the best in our students. All our teachers are highly qualified in primary math, and are registered and approved by MOE.

While the teacher in charge of each class is usually fixed, it may change time to time without prior notice due to business requirements. Refer to our About page for our math teachers’ profiles.

How Can Miracle Math Help If My Child is Weak in Math?
We understand that math is a build-up of topics; therefore, it is difficult to score well if students do not have a firm grasp on foundational concepts. As such, there will be constant revision of past topics during classes.

Additionally, regular students will have complimentary access to the digital library of the year, which includes full-length recorded lessons and consolidated materials with the teacher’s digital handwritten notes. Students may also purchase access to the previous year’s resources.

Moreover, during test and exam periods, there will be revision and practice papers to work on to ensure students are well prepared and ready to score well.

Reach Out To Us Today

We provide a convenient option for those looking for Primary Math tuition in Bedok. Contact us today for more information and for any enquiries.


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