Additional Math (A Math) Tuition in Singapore (Online Option Available)

Miracle Math provides Additional Mathematics tuition in Singapore.

Additional Math, or A Math, is an optional subject O-Level students study alongside Elementary Math (E Math). This advanced level of Mathematics requires a deep understanding of complex concepts and a high level of problem-solving skills. It is useful for students planning to take A-Level H2 Math, which is necessary for several tertiary-level courses, such as Physics and Engineering.

Our Sec 3 A Math tuition focuses on introducing new topics and establishing fundamental concepts. Our Sec 4 Math tuition aims to strengthen students’ understanding of the subject and prepare them for their O-Level exams.

Our dedicated tutors are committed to guiding you through your A Math journey, helping you excel in your studies and develop a passion for math.

Miracle Math offers Additional Maths tuition in Bedok. Hence, we are a convenient option for those living or studying in the East. Alternatively, we also provide our A Math tuition online for students who are living further away.

Additional Mathematics Tuition Singapore

How Can We Help?

Our Additional Mathematics tuition programme covers a wide range of topics, including geometry, differentiation, and integration. We discuss the intricate details of each concept, ensuring that all students have a thorough understanding before moving on to the next topic.

Expand the boxes below to see the specific topics covered in our A Maths tuition:

1. Comprehensive Curriculum Coverage

Topics Covered in Sec 3 A Math Tuition
    1. Quadratic Functions
    2. Equations and Inequalities
    3. Surds
    4. Polynomials, Cubic Equations and Partial Fractions
    5. Binomial Theorem and its Applications
    6. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    7. Coordinate Geometry
    8. Linear Law
    9. Trigonometric Functions and Graphs
    10. Trigonometric Equations and Identities
Topics Covered in Sec 4 A Math Tuition
    1. Gradients Derivatives and Differentiation
    2. Applications of Differentiation
    3. Differentiation Trigonometric Exponential Logarithmic
    4. Integration
    5. Applications of Integration
    6. Kinematics
    7. Proofs in Plane Geometry

2. Personalised Attention and Guidance

Due to the large class sizes, it can be difficult for school teachers to provide each student with personalised attention and guidance.

This is not a problem in our Additional Maths tuition classes. A typical class at Miracle Math consists of 8 to 9 students, allowing tutors to interact with students one-on-one and assess their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Our tutors adapt their teaching methods to suit their students’ learning styles and customise their lesson pace so students can easily keep up. Additionally, practices and assignments are tailored to fit specific classes.

3. Rigorous Practice and Preparation

A Math is not a subject you can cram for; it is crucial to practise regularly and rigorously to do well in exams.

In our Additional Math tuition classes, we provide practice problems and exercises to reinforce students’ understanding of concepts and enhance their problem-solving skills. As we conduct classes weekly, we can ensure that students practise their mathematical skills on a regular basis.

4. Exam Preparation

Our tutors are dedicated to helping you prepare for your exams and ace your O-Levels. Our Additional Maths tuition equips students with exam strategies, time management techniques, and thorough revision practices to ensure that students are fully prepared to tackle questions of all kinds.

Additional Maths Tuition Singapore

Fees & Schedule For Our A Math Tuition

Our Additional Mathematics tuition classes are offered at a competitive rate, with fees ranging from $64.50 to $80.00 per lesson. Contact us to find out the pricing for the specific level you are interested in!

Our 2024 class schedule* for our A Maths classes are as follows:

Sec 3 A Math – Onsite/Online

    1. Wed 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm (Express/G3)
    2. Thu 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (Express/G3)

Sec 4 A Math – Onsite/Online

    1. Thu 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm (Express/G3)
    2. Fri 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm (Express/G3)

*subjected to change

Sec 3 and 4 AMath Tuition

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Differences between E-Math and A-Math?

E-Math is compulsory for all students sitting for their O-Level examinations, while A-Math is an optional subject that prepares students for math in their further education. Miracle Math provides both E-Math (elementary) and A-Math (additional) mathematics tuition.

Should I Go For E-Math Tuition, A-Math Tuition, or Both?

The most effective way to secure good grades for both subjects is to enrol in both E-Math and A-Math tuition.

However, if you must choose just one, we recommend going for E-Math tuition as it is compulsory for all students. There is also the fact that an understanding of E-Math is required for those taking A-Math. Therefore, E-Math tuition can help to improve both subjects.

For those interested, reach out to us at Miracle Math. We offer E-Math and Sec 3 and Sec 4 A-Math tuition in Singapore.

Can I Take A-Math Tuition But Not Take E-Math Tuition?

Going for A-Math tuition alone could be risky for students who are not strong in E-Math.

It is challenging to understand A-Math concepts without a firm grasp of E-Math. Furthermore, tutors do not go through E-Math concepts or provide E-Math resources in A-Math tuition classes; students are expected to know the foundational mathematical concepts already. As such, we recommend enrolling in E-Math tuition classes as well.

How Are A-Math Lessons Conducted?

A-Math classes are split into three parts:

  1. Concept teaching.
  2. On-the-spot practice.
  3. Homework

 Classes are available both onsite and online.

Does Miracle Math Provide Only Group Classes for A-Math Tuition?

Yes. At Miracle Math, we believe that group tuition is the most effective tuition option as it allows students to learn collaboratively, brainstorm and analyse each other’s thought processes, and teach each other the learned concepts. These skills help boost students’ academic performance and are critical in higher levels of education and future work life.

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