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 Primary Math

Enjoy Math, grow in confidence, reach the full potential with Miracle Math.

“I was very fortunate to be recommended to Miracle Math from my parent’s friend. After P6 SA1 I found that I have some areas that needed to be clarified and explained. Teacher is very kind, patient and inspiring teacher, who is very good in what she does. I only spent 2-3 months with her before psle, my prelim grade jumped 2 grades up. I strongly recommend her to those who needed her professional advice. Thanks Miracle Math!”
Sharlene, Temasek Primary School, Pri 6, A for Math (improved from C to A).

“I chanced upon Miracle Math Tuition Centre when I was surfing the net in my search for a good tuition centre in the east to enrol my P5 going P6 boy. My boy was scoring A in Math before joining Miracle Math and he needed the extra push to attain A* in PSLE. Teacher managed to give him that extra push and he got what he wanted when he received his PSLE result last year..During circuit breaker period, teacher was ever willing to render help whenever needed..No surprises there that my boy is continuing with Miracle Math now that he is in Sec 1. Keep up the passion and great work, Miracle Math!!!” – Malathi (parent)
“I was good in Math but I wanted to excel in it. I could understand concepts to a certain extent but application of the concepts when questions are phrased in different ways was a challenge to me. When I joined Miracle Math, teacher taught me what to look out for in order to apply a certain concept to solve the problem. When I encountered difficult questions, all I had to do was to reach out to teacher for help. I strongly recommend Miracle Math Tuition.”
Nicholas, Temasek Primary, Pri 6, A Star for Math (improved from A to A Star).

“My daughter has started tuition classes with Miracle Math from beginning of P5. We have seen great improvement in not only her exams results but her confidence to attempt more complicated questions. Often kids can just switch off or give up if they feel the questions are too difficult. But I’m glad she has grown to have the courage to try. Math has been her weaker subject so this is also the only tuition class she attends. End of p6, psle she has actually gotten an A for it! She is equally surprised and delighted. We are grateful for Miracle Math Teachers who are extremely patient. And they do not simply hold a role of tutor, but even as a partner with us parents, to help the children grow in confidence n faith. Thank u so much!!!!” – Jessica (parent)
Reanne, Yu Neng Primary School, Pri 6, A for Math (improved from C to A).

“I am convinced of how a teacher can make or break a child. My gal started off her classes in P4 unsure and lacked confidence and clarity especially when it came to problem sums. Teacher is not only patient and caring, she slowly builds the child’s interest through encouragement and teaching her the basics systematically before challenging her with the more difficult sums. Since my gal started her class she has been gradually improving and she ended with a strong A for her PSLE. We couldn’t have done it without the support from Miracle Math. Highly recommended! Thank you Miracle Math. It is not just the results that I am heartened by, I am more pleased that with the help of Teacher’s guidance she no longer feels that Maths is a subject she cannot tackle.” – Marlene (parent)
Janelle, St Hilda’s Primary School, Pri 6, A for Math (improved from B to A).

“The teacher has vast experience in guiding their students in accordance with their level of understanding. My son has improved one level up after attending the class with Miracle Math Tuition.” – Ms Wong (parent)
Solomon, Bedok Green Primary School, Pri 6, A Star for Math (improved from A to A Star).

“Teacher is a excellent teacher. She teaches me well and have a pleasant environment too.. I joined “MiracleMaths” about early 2019 as I didn’t do well for exam CA1. I have my 1St trial lesson followed by 2nd ,3rd etc. After having much lessons, it’s about SA1 examinations. I was very nervous for my SA1 as it takes up 40% of my results. When the day my school maths teacher, I was overjoyed! I scored and A! I put up by 47.5 marks! It was from a D to an A! What an Miracle!!!!!!”
Chun Yuen, Springdale Primary School, Pri 5, A for Math (improved from D to A).

“When I first joined Miracle Math in P5, I was really nervous. I thought this tuition would be very boring like other tuitions that I had attended before. However, I had so much fun after my trial lesson that I wanted to continue. Teacher is a patient and caring teacher. She conducts lessons that are fun and interesting. often gives me encouragement.”
Shirley, Springdale Primary School, Pri 6, A Star for PSLE Math (improved from B to A Star).

“My daughter was having difficulty with Mathematics since P3, she simply could not catch up with the syllabus in school. We are very lucky to chance upon Miracle Math Tution. Teacher is a passionate teacher who has helped my daughter to understand Mathematics concepts through interesting and effective ways and my daughter has since become more confident in tackling exam questions. She enjoys all the lessons and has benefited so much from her teaching. Thank you so much Miracle Math” – Lynn (parent)
Aricia, Red Swastika School, Pri 5.

“Teacher is a dedicated and a very patient teacher! Just short of 12 months to PSLE, we got to know about Miracle Math and my son, who has always had ‘D’ scores for Maths, manage to achieve a ‘B’ for PSLE! It was a miracle indeed!” – Cynthia (parent)
Jonathan, St Stephen’s School, Pri 6, B for Math (improved from D to B).

“Thanks to teacher for your kind and patient guidance. With the extra support, I can now understand the Maths concept better. I have made great improvements in my Maths grades since joining the center.”
Janelle, St. Hilda’s Primary School, Pri 5, A Star for Math (improved from B to A Star).

“My p5 girl joined Miracle Math, she was then in the 50-60s range. She has not been to much tuition classes and we thought just give her a bit of help as the topics get tougher in p5. Miracle Math Teachers have been most patient & encouraging. I’m glad to say she has improved by SA1 to almost 70, and SA2, almost 80! Not only her grades improved much but we are more grateful for the teachers who are most caring n sincere. 🙂 Thank u!!!” – Jessica (parent)
Reanne, Yu Neng Primary School, Pri 5, A for Math (improved from C to A).

“Patient teacher and explains clearly”
Dayan, Poi Ching Primary School, Pri 6, A for Math (improved from C to A).

“a really great teacher who teaches with her heart. She is very patient & caring. With her help, my Son got A for Math for his PSLE.” – Sharon Leong, parent of Wayne Leong
Wayne, Tampines North Primary School, Pri 6, A for Math.

“Miracle Math helped me to get an A in my PSLE. Tutor is very patient when teaching.”
Brayden, Poi Ching Primary School, Pri 6, A for Math (improved from C to A).


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