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Secondary A-Math

GCE O-Level A-Math Track Record: 98% A and B. Greatest improvement from F9 to A1 within a few months. Additional Math is not an easy subject, but be Encouraged! There is Hope!

“Before joining Miracle math, I was always failing math as I could not grasp certain concepts. However, after joining my grades went up as the teacher is very patient in explaining and helped me understand the concepts better resulting in me enjoying lessons and the subject itself. Classes are always fun to attend and since it is in a smaller group it allows me to ask more questions without feeling pressured. I was able to attain an A for my O levels because of Miracle math!”
Lok Yee, Anglican High, Sec 4, A2 for Math (improved from F9 to A2), A2 for Additional Math.

“I have only joined miracle math for a few months but it has already helped me to improve my maths tremendously. The teacher is very encouraging and always motivates us to do our best. Before joining miracle math, I got a low B4 for my amath WA1. However, after just a few months, my grades improved to an A1. Highly recommend this tuition”
Cailin, CHIJ Katong Convent, Sec 3, A1 for Additional Math (improved from B4 to A1).

“At miracle math, the teacher always helps and explains to us the concepts that we do not understand. Even after going through, we can also stay back the the teacher will very gladly answer our questions and doubts during the lesson. Miracle math also helps to expose us to a varity of questions through the workbook and testpapers from differenr schools. Not only that, we are also often given notes that highlight the important parts of the chapter and make understanding the chapter much easier! I have only been going for 2 terms but i think it has helped me alot, especially since my school tends to rush the last parts of a chapter when it is closer to the exam date. Miracle math has helped me significantly and and the teacher is also always really nice, always greeting us and encouraging us!!”
Joan, St. Hilda’s Secondary, Sec 3, A2 for A-Math.

“Miracle Math has been a great tuition centre, with great teachers who are always willing to help if we need the help. The small group size means that the teacher is able to devote more time to helping each student master the topic. The teachers are also enthusiastic, approachable and knowledgeable, as such whenever I have any questions regarding the work or homework, I would always approach the teachers for help. Great job, I love this environment and it has helped me score well for both Math and A-Math. I would recommend this tuition centre to anyone if they need help with Math or A-Math!”
Jun Rong, Anglican High, Sec 4, A1 for Math, A1 for Additional Math.

“indeed a miracle , my tutor didn’t give up on me through out the whole year of my olevel journey . she stayed patient despite my lack of understanding at times and nvr failed to encourage me towards the end . from a f9 to b3 in olevels , truly a miracle !”
Yu Xuan, Anglican High, Sec 4, B3 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to B3).

“Amazing teacher, I joined miracle math only 3 months before o levels, and my results went from my usually F9/E8 to a B3 in o levels, lessons that was conducted was very structured and clear, the teacher was also very approachable so I could ask questions after class every time I was unsure”
Kenny, St. Patrick’s School, Sec 4, B3 for A-Math (improved from F9 to B3).

“In Sec 2, I got a B4 for my math. I was extremely worried at this time if i could take A-math. Fortunately i was able to due the the extremely difficult end of year exams. But this served as a wake up call for me to really start studying for my math. I was searching on some good tuition centres to join and came across Miracle Math tuition. Our teacher conducts extremely well paced lessons and exposes us to difficult questions that may possibly come out during the exam. I have been able to grasp and apply the concepts well with the aid of Miracle Math. Now that i am in Sec 3 i have been able to obtain all A1s so far and even achieved full marks for my recent WA3 paper. With the aid of the teachers and the students own efforts Miracle Math can bring you a long way 😊 “
Samhitha, Dunman Secondary School, Sec 3, A1 for Additional Math.

“During Secondary 3, I struggled a lot in Additional Mathematics as I could not understand the topics taught in class. I lagged behind and was unable to cope with the workload. This made me fear A Math and lose my interest in it. When I first joined Miracle Math, my teacher guided me and in a short span of time, I had a huge improvement in my A Math grade, from a C5 to an A2 for my End-of-Year examination. With her continued encouragement and support throughout Secondary Four, I was able to understand all the concepts better and performed consistently in the subject. My teacher gave me numerous practices, which helped me to eventually score A1 in both A Math and E-Math. Thank you Miracle Math for all the tutoring and guidance!”
Eunice, Chung Cheng High School (Main), Sec 4, A1 for Additional Math (improved from C5 to A1).

“To anyone who asked me how my math was, I would say that math was my most consistent subject – I was always an F9. Having gotten an F9 in my Sec 3 EOYs, many around me encouraged me to drop A math. I was also starting to lose hope in myself, believing that I was inherently bad at math. It was at the beginning of Sec 4 when I joined Miracle Math. The teachers there believed in me when no one else did and would always go the extra mile for me, often staying back after class to answer my questions. The Covid-19 pandemic came and the Miracle Math’s teaching prowess really shone through. They adapted quickly, incorporating technology with education seamlessly. Using a high tech whiteboard, they would record the lessons so that us students could rewatch the lessons as many times are we liked. Not only did my math grades improve tremendously under the guidance of Miracle Math, they also helped me find my confidence in math. They made math less intimidating and gave me hope. I am extremely grateful for Miracle Math for believing in me and giving me a renewed sense of courage to face math head on. So, if you too are fearful of math, do not despair, you are not alone. With hard work and the right guidance, you will get there. There are miracles awaiting you at Miracle Math!”
Hui Si, Anglican High School, Sec 4, B4 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to B4), A2 for Math (improved from E8 to A2).

“Before joining Miracle Math, I often struggled to get good results for both my EMath and Amath even though I studied so much as I was just memorising the steps of solving the question answering not understanding how to solve it. However, after joining Miracle Math I was able to improve my EMath from E8 to A1 and AMath from F9 to B4 thanks to the help of the unique approach of how they teach. The Teacher’s approach to teaching is about understanding the question which I struggled with. Moreover, the encouragement the teacher gave led me to reach new heights and made me look at results in a different way instead of being fearful by looking at mistakes I made, I actually wanted to learn why I made these mistakes. Additionally, I would like to applaud the care that the teacher showed us by having conversations with us and making sure that we were alright and how she could help us to improve and also sent us motivational quotes to keep putting in the effort and not giving up easily. The place where the lesson is conducted is in a conducive environment, it is very good for learning and the 2 hours could just fly by without me noticing as I was engaged in learning in the class . Without a doubt I would definitely recommend this Tuition Center as the approach to learning is very unique and very helpful as you cant learnt anywhere.”
Zhi Yang, Manjusri Secondary, Sec 4, B3 for A-Math (improved from F9 to B3).

“My daughter joined Miracle Math when she was struggling with A. Math and very lacking in confidence in her Math abilities. Miracle Math did a wonderful job teaching and encouraging her, building her confidence in both Math. Her results at O levels were a huge improvement, esp in A. Math where she went from failing to a B3 at Os, and an A2 for E. Math as well! Thank you for your patience and nurturing… she has enjoyed your lessons very much. We are thankful to have found you!” – Serena (parent)
Jadyn, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, Sec 4, B3 for Additional Math (improved from D7 to B3), A2 for Math (improved from B3 to A2).

“Before I joined Miracle Math, I was borderline passing even emath and scored straight F9s for amath throughout sec 3. However the teacher at Miracle Math was extremely patient and encouraging, helping me understand numerous concepts and strategies that helped me improve substantially even when I couldn’t get them immediately. Miracle Math ultimately helped me score straight As for emath and finally pass amath in Os.”
Xavier, St. Patrick’s School, Sec 4, A2 for Math (improved from C6 to A2), C6 for A-Math (improved from F9 to C6).

“Before I joined Miracle Math, I used to do badly for A math. However after joining, I managed to improve from F9 to an A2 during the end-of-year exams. The teacher’s explanations were clear and I understood the topic better.”
Shu Xuan, Damai Secondary School, Sec 3, A2 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to A2).

“Miracle Math has earned my respect for being the tuition centre that really helps students that really need guidance to unleash their potential and achieve their dream grade in Add Math. In this current trend of parents sending their already ‘smart’ kids for tuition to further boost their grades, Miracle Math stood above the rest by being THE tuition centre that really does what tuition centres should do as a first priority – to help the weaker kids to improve and excel. At a time when I was searching for a centre that can really help my child who was getting F9 in Add Math at the end of Sec 3, I came across this centre which was unbeknown to me then. I was impressed by the assuring first consultation session, the calm ambience of the centre and the cosy, small class room size. Throughout the sessions, I did check – ins with my child who provided feedback to me that his teacher was very patient with him and was very willing to go the extra mile to guide him. Such dedication is difficult to find nowadays and as such was deeply appreciated as tuition doesn’t come cheap nowadays. Personally for me, it was worth every dollar spent. Today, my child achieved an A1 for his O levels Add Math. It is said that we can believe in miracles…indeed I have developed a strong belief in Miracle Math Tuition. Here sending you a heartfelt BIG THANK YOU from an ever grateful parent and a very happy and now much, much more motivated child.” – Norlizan (parent)
Afiq, Tanjong Katong Secondary School, Sec 4, A1 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“In Secondary 4, months before my E and A math O levels I was averaging a B4 and a C5 respectively. Lessons were very resourceful and the teacher’s dedication showed by staying back after lessons to clarify my doubts making sure that I definitely understand the concepts. Eventually for O levels I scored an A1 for Emath and A2 for Amath. There are some lessons which I missed due to competitions, with Miracle Math’s online recorded lessons, I manage to get back on track with lessons. For those students who are struggling with Emath or Amath, I would strongly recommend enrolling in Miracle Math to excel in Mathematics.”
Jonathan, Maris Stella High School, Sec 4, A2 for Additional Math (improved from C5 to A2), A1 for Math (improved from B4 to A1).

“During sec 2, I got 50 for my math as I was not able to grasp the concepts of the topics taught. However after joining Miracle math, my math greatly improved and I got an 80 for sec 3! This is because of the incredible teacher at the centre who helped me and supported me along the way. I highly recommend this tuition centre as it gave me the motivation and help that I needed to do well for math.”
Jarrett, Anglo Chinese School (Independent), Sec 3, A1 for Additional Math.

“Miracle Math is the only tuition centre that delivers results! We’ve tried many branded tuition centres and they disappointingly don’t produce results! We enrolled into Miracle Math in 2018 and have stayed with then till 2021 when my son finished his ‘O’ level. When my son first started his tuition with them, he was getting a C6 for his E. Math and F9 for his A. Math. After attending their classes, my son consistently improved and managed to get A1 for both his E.Math and A.Math for his ‘O’ level. We are absolutely grateful for their guidance and we can’t thank them enough. This is one authentic tuition centre that is committed to helping children with a heart and which is also committed to deliver results! Highly recommended!” – Maureen (parent)
Joash, Victoria School, Sec 4, A1 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to A1), A1 for Math (improved from C6 to A1).

“the best amath teacher!!!! Regardless of how tough/complicated/difficult the qn or concept is, she can definitely solve them and even explain in detail how the solution is derived till one understands it. Its ok to continually ask her how a concept works as sometimes certain topics like integration and differentiation can be rather hard to understand at first but fret not she will patiently go through all the formulas and is more than willing to give notes and even a lot of other schools papers for u to try (math needs a lotttt of practice). Thx to her i secured an A1 for my Amath O’level result !!! 🙂 Thank u Miracle Math !!!”
Yan Yi, Anglican High School, Sec 4, A1 for Additional Math.

“My Son joined Miracle Maths when he was in Secondary 4. His grades in A-Maths was D7 when he joined. He was struggling to understand the concepts & solve the questions effectively. Miracle Math approach in teaching was excellent & the teacher ensured that he understood the concepts and helped him to memorise easily. His grades gradually increased to B4 in Prelims & A2 in O-Level. I am very happy & many thanks to Miracle Math. I would surely recommend Miracle Maths to my friends.” – Nirmala
Mugundan, Temasek Secondary, Sec 4, A2 for Additional Math (improved from D7 to A2).

“Before joining Miracle Math, I was failing Math in secondary 2. I could not understand what was being taught, so I did not like Math. However, Miracle Math completely changed my perception of Math. The teacher made concepts easy to understand and gave me sufficient practice to ensure I understood how to apply the concepts properly. The teacher was also very patient and would try her best ensure I understood what was being taught before moving on, so that I was not left in the dark. Through these, I managed to score an A1 for Math in my end of years for secondary 2. I was also able to maintain great results for Math throughout my secondary school years and managed to score A1s for both E Math and A Math for my prelims and O levels. I am also very thankful to the teacher for being patient and always providing practices for me to hone my skills in Math and helping me understand questions whenever I get them wrong. I find Math very fun now. Thanks so much Miracle Math!”
Balraj, St. Joseph’s Institution, Sec 4, A1 for Additional Math, A1 for Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“Before I joined Miracle Math, I often score B3 and B4s for my assessments and exams. I found it difficult to understand certain concepts in school even after being taught multiple times. After joining Miracle Math, I was able to pick up the different concepts much easier and quickly and finally achieved an A1 for my ‘O’levels amath. The teacher is really patient with all of us and her explanations are often very clear and easily understandable. i would recommend anyone who faces challenges with math to join the tuition. Really grateful for the teacher’s help!”
Andrew, Temasek Secondary, Sec 4, A1 for Additional Math (improved from B4 to A1).

“At first my A math was very bad and I didn’t understand a thing, now I am getting A1 for Amath it is truly a ‘Miracle’! The teacher is very caring and patient, I enjoy going there every week!”
Ayden, Pasir Ris Secondary School, Sec 3, A1 for Additional Math.

“Teacher is very patient and always explain very clearly for all the questions. Advance learning here also makes lessons in school easier. I used to get B for math in Sec 1 but after joining I got A1 all the way from Sec 2 till now Sec 3”
Ding Feng, St. Patrick’s School, Sec 3, A1 for Additional Math, A1 for Math (improved from B3 to A1).

“Although I only joined the center a month before my Olevel exams, I am grateful for the help I received from Miracle Math. Teacher goes through questions we don’t know how to do, explaining them in a comprehensible manner. This makes it easier for me to get the concept required for me to understand in each question. I was able to improve my score greatly. If only I joined earlier… Thank you for your help 🙂 ”
Alex, Methodist Girls’ School, A1 for Additional Math (improved from C5 to A2).

“Before joining Miracle Math earlier this year, I had gotten an F9 for A math. However, after a few months of tuition lessons with Miracle Math, I realised that my grades improved tremendously from an F9 in WA1 to an A1 for my SA2 exam! Thank you teacher for being so patient and helping me out with every single doubt I have. I wouldn’t have done this without your help 🙂 ”
Neha, St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School, Sec 3, A1 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to A1).

“i can understand teacher’s teaching and explanations very well. she helped me improve my A maths from a c5 to A1. i never feel afraid to ask her questions as she is very friendly and patient with everyone.”
Yu Tong, Dunman Secondary School, Sec 3, A1 for Additional Math (improved from C5 to A1).

“Before I have joined MiracleMath, my Mathematics was really bad, I failed the first semester and got a D7. However, after I joined MiracleMath, my grades got better and got a B at the end of the year(overall grade) at the end of Sec 2. Despite not meeting the criteria of getting A Math, I managed to appeal for A-Math and get into my subject combination in Sec 3. I continued with the tuition and in the first term, I scored A1 for both my E-Math and A-Math. For people who are seeking for help in their Mathematics, I would strongly recommend you to join MiracleMath. Teacher helps you to better understand concepts and make Mathematics interesting and fun.”
Jonathon, Bedok View Secondary School, Sec 3, A1 for Additional Math, A1 for Math (improved from D7 to A1).

“Before i joined miracle math, my emath and amath were constantly stuck at either E8 or F9 🙁 even when i did according to what my previous 2 home tutors told me to do, i wasn’t able to improve. i wanted to drop amath because i couldn’t do it. however, joining miracle math helped me tremendously. teacher would go through the concepts patiently and would drill it into my head until i got it. i remember being the slowest in class and even did not have the courage to ask questions, but teacher helped me after class & i think that’s how i improved so much!! even so, i remember every time she gave us homework she would say ‘do it not because u need to but because u want to !! ‘ and somehow it motivated me HAHA… nevertheless, i completed my O levels scoring A2 in emath and B3 in amath in just 5 months 🙂 would definitely encourage joining miracle math as not only did i get my desired results, my hatred for math changed to a interest in it !! THANKS MIRACLE MATH 🙂 ”
Jan, Anglican High School, Sec 4, B3 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to B3), A2 for Math (improved from F9 to A2).

“Miracle math tuition is, hands down, the best tuition centres I have attended. Dedicated and patient teacher. Dedicated to get the best out of her students and patient in teaching all the concepts of that chapter properly before advancing to the next one. She never gets tired of recapping the things that students forget or don’t get the first time.
It is amazing how she is able to make class so fun yet, we still learn so much. She takes every question asked seriously and is a very hardworking teacher. Would definitely recommend if u want to tremendously improve your Mathematics!”
Jezer, Hai Sing Catholic High, Sec 5, A2 for Math (improved from C6 to A2), A2 for Additional Math (improved from B3 to A2).

“teacher who is always familiar with Singapore math latest syllabus compared to other learning centres and Teachers and is able to help any student excel. When in doubt of how to answer a qns or qns type, she can definitely be of help.”
Wayne, Tampines Meridian Junior College, JC 1, A for H2 Math, Jurong Secondary School, A1 for Math (improved from C6 to A1), B3 for Additional Math (improved from F9 to B3).

“I am Secondary 3 this year and I joined Miracle Math Tuition 1 month before my exams. Before I joined the class, I had C5 and B4 in A-Math. With Miracle Math’s help and guidance, I got and A2 for my end of year examination. Teacher is very patient and her explanations were very clear. She made A Maths more understandable and interesting.”
Eunice, Chung Cheng High School (Main), Sec 3, A2 for Additional Math (improved from C5 to A2).

“Rlly miracle!! I always find amath lessons in school boring but when it comes to amath tuition its a whole new change 🙂 motivating and encouraging teacher with vast knowledge on her subject!!! Thought topics like differentiation would be super diff but the teacher made it simple and easy to understand. Really helped pulled up my grade a lot 🙂 thank u !!!!”
Yan Yi, Anglican High School, Sec 3, A1 for Additional Math.

“I got an A2 for O-Level A-Math, sorry it’s not an A1 ☹ but thank you so much for your help 😊 I could not have gotten this result without your help! 😊”
Adelin, Crescent Girls’ School, Sec 4, A2 for Additional Math (improved from D7 to A2).

“The best maths tutor I’ve ever had! Teacher is incredibly kind, super encouraging, and is always ready to help!”
Pearl, CHIJ Katong Convent, A for A-Level H2 Math, A1 for O-Level Additional Math, A1 for O-Level Math.

“My Math Tutor while I’m in secondary school and JC! I remembered always looking forward to her sessions 🙂 She was a very patient and encouraging tutor, exactly the style that I needed in order to do well and have fun at the same time!”
Pam, Victoria Junior College, CHIJ Katong Convent, A for A-Level H2 Math, A1 for O-Level A-Math, A1 for O-Level Math.

“My math tutor in secondary school and JC: She was always patient and encouraging in explaining the concepts to me. Thanks for all your time and effort! 🙂 ”
Jamie, St Andrew’s Junior College, St. Margaret’s Secondary School, A for A-Level H2 Math, A1 for O-Level Additional Math, A1 for O-Level Math.

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